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ASGCO® Tru-Trainer® Eliminates Chronic Belt Damage at Cement Processing Facility


Objective: Solve belt mis-tracking and off center load issues Challenge: A major cement processing facility in was experiencing severe belt tracking and alignment problems leading to regular costly repairs and maintenance. This plant was using traditional training idlers in an...

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ASGCO’s® Pro-Zone™ Solves Southeastern US Cement Plant’s Wasteful Dust and Spillage Problem


Objective: To design a new self-contained material load zone that would eliminate costly spillage and expensive clean up. Challenge: This customer receives barges several times a month, and sometimes more frequently depending on the demand. The raw material travels on top...

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Ready Mix Plant Improves Production by Solving Conveyor Tracking Problem


A ready-mix plant had difficulty properly tracking the vital conveyor belt that feeds the mixer. The problem was essentially that the conveyor belt was difficult to keep in alignment, which caused serious belt edge damage, and in turn de-lamination and...

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Large Aggregate Plant Eliminates Carry-back Using a Combination of ASGCO’s Skalper IV Primary Belt Cleaner and Razor-Back with Spray Bar Secondary Belt Cleaner


ASGCO has successfully reduced the carry back to levels that far exceed the expectations of the customer. The customer has now installed several other ASGCO cleaners to attack carry back problems throughout the plant. (more…)

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Implementing a Six-step Plan for Proper Load Zone Operation


Today’s aggregate industry is filled with challenges. Foremost, to produce enough aggregate for cement, asphalt and other products for homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and infrastructures. Also, operators must address environmental responsibility concerns that dictate the use of best practices to...

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