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Signed, Sealed, Delivered!


November 2016: World Coal Joe Sander, ASGCO® Vice President of Manufactured Products Division, details the company’s ongoing commitment to providing solutions to operators with conveyor belt problems.

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Coal handling Improvements to Belt Conveyors


February 2016: Dry Cargo International Using ASGCO® principle of ‘Safety by Design’ to achieve lower total cost of ownership

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Safety First


April 2016: World Coal ASGCO®, USA, introduces improvements to belt conveyors that use the company’s principal of safety by design to achieve lower total cost ownership.

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“The Tale of Two Transfers”


August 2015: World Coal Written By: Phil Wowak, Senior Project Manager at ASGCO®  Phil Wowak, discusses two case studies that look at improving engineering transfer point – the first involving multiple load points and the second concerning a complex stacker...

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The Route Through the Conveyor Chute


July 2014: World Coal Written By: Phil Wowak and Joe Sander In todays’ ever-changing world of coal handling, one thing stays the same: coal must be loaded and unloaded onto conveyor belts. At first, this might seem an easy prospect:...

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A Square Heresy


November 2013: World Coal Volume: 23 Number 11 Written By: Phil Wowak Optimized and engineered flow control transfer chutes designed to reduce dusting and improve wear and flow-ability have now been around for about twenty years. There are several common designs...

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The Importance of Clean Conveyors


January 2013: World Coal Written By: Aaron Gibbs and Mark Bayley With the need to improve efficiency, safety and productivity at today’s coal mines, coal preparation plants, ports and bulk shipping terminals, and coal-fired power plants, good housekeeping and dust...

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Controlling Dust – With Conveyors and Transfer Points


June 2012: World Coal Written By: Aaron Gibbs and Phil Wowak This coal fired power plant burning PRB coal had a serious dusting problem at a primary underground transfer point. The 72” conveyors were handling a varying load from 0...

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Conveying the Message


April 2011: World Coal Written By: Aaron Gibbs President of ASGCO Manufacturing Inc., US Describes safety and maintenance services to improve efficiency, safety and productivity.

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Train and Maintain – Bulk Conveyor Material Handling Training, Maintenance and Design


September 2010: World Coal Written By: Aaron Gibbs In today’s fast paced world, society and industry are in a constant state of change. Asset optimimization has never been more critical in everyday activities at home and at work. Conveyors are...

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Providing, Installing and Maintaining the Solution – ASGCO’s “Complete Conveyor Solutions”


December 2009: World Coal Written By: Aaron Gibbs Top quality products with local turn-key installation and maintenance service ensure ASGCO’s customers achieve productivity and safety goals with the minimum total cost of ownership. Founded in 1971, the company uses proven...

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Stopping the Slide – Eliminating Conveyor Belt Misalignment


February 2009: World Coal Written By: Aaron Gibbs One of the most common reasons for unscheduled down-time on conveyor material handling systems is conveyor belt side travel problems. One of the challenges in tracking conveyor belts is that each belt...

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