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ASGCO®’s Mini-Skalper® IV Solves Major Carry-back Issue At This North-Western Sand and Gravel Facility!


Objective: To solve major carry-back issues in a minimum of clearance space for clean up. Challenge: This sand and gravel plant was experiencing massive build-ups of carry back. The challenge was to be able to install a conveyor belt pre-cleaner...

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ASGCO® Engineering Helps East Coast Silica Manufacturer Streamline Their Processes.


Objective: Bypass the dryer by redirecting product from an incline conveyor onto an adjacent steep incline conveyor. Challenge: The customer first came to ASGCO® with the question “how can we eliminate our dryer and the conveyor that feeds it cost effectively.” The...

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ASGCO®’s Heavy Duty Wash-Box Belt Cleaning System Reduces Airborne Dust by Over 90% at Trona Mine!


Objective: To Greatly Reduce the Airborne Irritable  Dust Levels and the Residual Material From the Belt Challenge: This Trona mine lent itself to high concentrations of extremely irritable dust. The mine was over 1500 ft deep, going through the waterline. The existing...

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ASGCO® Solves a Southeastern Glass Facilities’ Transfer Point Spillage Problem


Objective: To prevent spillage at this transfer point and eliminate pulsation of the conveyor belt. Challenge: This customer has had reoccurring issues with this transfer due to spillage. (more…)

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ASGCO® 3-DEM™ Analysis of Existing Bucket Reclaimer and of a New Bidirectional Design Bucket to Verify the New Design Will Achieve the Same Output as the Existing Design


The driving force behind this project was initiated out of a safety issue. The existing bucket design would require 3 to 4 operators to manually flip the buckets which would put the operators in a dangerous position as the buckets...

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