Belt Cleaners

Belt cleaners remove bulk material product build-up and prevent it from falling off at different points of the conveyor. Points along the return side of the belt can cause various conveyor belt maintenance problems due to carry-back.  There are two general types of belt cleaners: Primary Belt Cleaners and Secondary Belt Cleaners.

Carry back can lead to:

  • Excessive buildup and wear on conveyor belt idlers and pulleys.
  • Conveyor belt misalignment due to the artificial crown created by the carry back.
  • Accumulation of material falling off conveyor belt idlers and structure to the ground or on buildings, vehicles or even people.
  • Negative and unsafe work environment.
Available Conveyor Products (21)
Skalper 800x637_web
Skalper® Belt Cleaner Superior primary belt cleaning system for every application
Razor Back Belt Cleaner
Razor-Back™ Belt Cleaner The Razor-Back features tough self-adjusting, replaceable tungsten carbide blades.
Super Skalper 800x637_web
Super-Skalper® Belt Cleaner The Super-Skalper® tackles the toughest bulk material handling jobs.
Razor-Back MDX Belt Cleaner
Razor-Back MDX™ Belt Cleaner Designed for maximum tonnage mining systems running in aggressive environments.
Skalper MDX® Belt Cleaner Built for high speed and high tonnage conveyor systems used for mining.
Conveyor Chute Inspection Doors
Conveyor Chute Inspection Doors Allows for safe access to maintain conveyor belt cleaning systems.
E-Z Skalper® Belt Cleaner Provides effective carry-back removal in the toughest environments.
TORO Reversing Belt Cleaner
TORO™ Reversing Belt Cleaner An effective, flexible solution that is also suitable for reversing conveyor belts.
Skalper III® Belt Cleaner Skalper blade design with the simple and accurate Force-1 tensioner.
Wash Box Cleaning System
Wash Box Belt Cleaning System The Wash Box is steel enclosed and equipped with rollers for better cleaning.
Mini-Skalper w-E-Z Torque _Blade Wear Indicator-web
Mini-Skalper® Belt Cleaner Designed for small diameter pulleys where space and size is a factor.
Chevron Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Chevron™ Belt Cleaner Chevron uses the speed and force of the belt rolling over our patented rubber disks.
Excalibur® Food Grade Conveyor Belt Cleaner Configured to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements of the food industry.
ASGCO V-Plow XD™ Belt Cleaner A Heavy Duty Plow built for belt cleaning in the toughest mining environments.
Replacement Blades Primary Belt Cleaner replacement blades.
Premium Hinged V-Plow Conveyor Belt Cleaner Engineered to effectively keep bulk material becoming trapped within the conveyor.
Reversible Diagonal Plow
Reversible Diagonal Plow Built with a rugged steel structure to hold up in the toughest mining environments.
Dry Wipe Belt Cleaner
Dry Wipe™ Belt Cleaner The Dry Wipe Belt Cleaner works hard in tough underground and above ground mining environments.
ASGCO Vibra Clean Belt Cleaner
Vibra-Clean Conveyor Belt Cleaner Very effective when used on flexible sidewall style conveyor belts.
Vibrating Dribble Chute
Vibrating Dribble Chute Prevents buildup in conveyor dribble chutes.
Replacement Blade Assembly for Richwood Cleaners
Replacement Blade Assembly for Richwood Cleaners Retrofits the Richwood™ 1C or 3C Belt Cleaner!
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