Dura-Sleeve™ Idler


Patented Abrasion Resistant Urethane Sleeve

Dura-Sleeve™ Return Idlers are a patented abrasion resistant urethane sleeve that is easily clamped on any existing or new rubber or urethane disc return idler shaft.

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Patented Design – of our idler sleeve clamping system allows you
to replace worn out rubber or other urethane disc return idlers.

Abrasion Resistant Urethane – compounds provide wear ability
that exceeds 5 times the wear life of standard rubber disc return idlers.

Meets all CEMA Standards – and available in any conveyor belt
width and inside and outside roller diameter.


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Dura-Sleeve™ Patented Replacement Sleeves
  • ASGCO®-Thane construction for extra long wear.
  • 5 year warranty, the longest warranty on any Dura-Sleeve Idler.
  • Sleeves are also available for both CEMA D and E Idlers.
  • Perfect concentricity promotes better belt tracking
  • Long wearing life in abrasive environments
  • No material build-up
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