Conveyor Drum and Wing Pulleys

  • CEMA Drum
  • CEMA Wing
  • Arrowhead Ceramic Pulley Lagging
  • Arrowhead Rubber Pulley Lagging

Mine duty and engineered class pulleys are available in a complete range for your conveyor needs. CEMA pulleys are designed to give you full conveyor capacity with a long service life.


  • Design features a double sub-arc welded construction on both the front and back of the hub and end discs, as well as at the rim to the end disc.
  • Each pulley features a minimum 3/8″ rim and 1” end disc
  • Heavier materials on 24″ diameter pulleys and larger.
  • Available in a wide variety of MTO sizes
  • Meet or exceed CEMA standards
  • Superior Strength
  • Pulleys for any industry


  • Standard crown face or straight face available
  • Diameters to 60″, face widths exceeding 78″
  • Available from stock
  • HE bushings standard
  • Also available with QD and TAPER-LOCK® bushings on special order
  • Plain
  • Diamond Grooved
  • Chevron
  • Herringbone
  • Holz with Replaceable Slide Lagging
  • Ceramic Lagging


ASGCO Arrowhead Pulley Lagging

Ceramic, Drive and Non-Drive Rubber Arrowhead Pulley Lagging eliminates slippage
and increases belt traction.

Arrowhead Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Arrowhead ceramic pulley lagging provides the solution when conventional rubber lagging fails to correct belt slippage and wears prematurely. Our unique Arrowhead ceramic is designed for the highest drive factors unlike the conventional square tiles. Learn More >>


Arrowhead Drive and Non-Drive Rubber Pulley Lagging

Arrowhead Drive and Non-Drive Pulley Lagging is the solution, in an application where rubber is the answer, to help eliminate slippage, increase pulley life and to improve production. Learn More >>