Safe-Guard™ V-Return Idler Guard


Safe-Guard™ V-Return Return Idler Guard

The ASGCO V-Return Idler Guard fits standard v-return idlers and protects workers and equipment from falling idlers and from dangerous pinch points between rotating idlers and moving belt.

      • Protects Workers – from coming into contact with moving parts on a V-Return idler.
      • MSHA accepted # IC-174/3
      • Mounting Hardware – made from powder coated A-36 steel.
      • Complies with MSHA Title 30:
        • MSHA accepted # IC-174/3
        • 56.14110 (Flying or falling material)
        • 56.14112 (Guard Construction)
        • 56.14107 (Moving machine parts)
        • 75.1722 (Mechanical equipment guards)
        • 77.400 (Mechanical equipment guards)
      • UV Resistant
      • Durable UHMW slotted cage – helps prevent material buildup and is easy to clean out using stainless steel fast pins to be able to drop and open side of the cage for maintenance.

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