Tru-Trainer® Troughing Idler


Enhanced Load Carrying Design For Quicker Activation

The Tru-Trainer® Troughing is based on an enhanced load carrying design which features quicker activation, increased swing and overall better performance. There is no edge damage and the troughing angle is now adjustable.

Features and BenefitsTruTrainer Troughing Idler_Part number chart

Load Carrying Side Conveyor Alignment – Due to the troughed
nature of this side of the conveyor belt, the Tru-Trainer® Troughing
roller was specifically developed to accommodate a different
training configuration.

Activating Wing Rollers – are set to have a maximum effective contact
between the belt edge and the wing roller of 25°-55° (instead of the usual 90°),
and are compatible with all troughed belts from 15°-45°.

Internal Pivot – As the conveyor belt moves off-center the conveyor belt
slides up the wing roll and thus causes the Tru-Trainer® to pivot on its
internal pivot and st
the unique aspect of the Tru-Trainer® Troughing

Trainer roller is that the center roll does all the steering and not the wing rolls,
as this is where the most effective steering forces are exerted.

Operates in all conditions – Quick activation in both wet and dry conditions.


TruTrainer Troughing Idler_Wing RollerTruTrainer Troughing Idler_Wing Roller Chart








TruTrainer Troughing Idler_Installation Chart
TruTrainer Troughing Idler_Drawing