Impact Cradle Bed


Eliminate Spillage In The Load Zone

ASGCO®’s Impact Cradle Beds are (Patent Pending) designed to provide protection to your conveyor belt from impact damage from large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts or bucket teeth that can put a stop to operations.


Our modular style impact beds provide impact protection for the conveyor belt, as well as a tool to help control spillage in the conveyor-loading zone. The Impact Cradle Beds support the conveyor belt across the entire width using our unique semi-U-shaped design that eliminates any unsupported areas between the rollers or bars on traditional impact idlers or traditional impact beds where typical damage can occur in the idler junction points. The Impact Cradle Beds consist of a heavy duty frame with removable (Slide-in or Slide-out) sides and center sections for ease of installation and maintenance.

Protect Your Conveyor Belts From Impact Damage.

  • Improved Impact Beds – no pinch point or idler junction area utilizing our 17.5° bars for 35° idler systems; 10° degree bars for 20° idler systems and 22.5° degree bars for 45° idler systems.
  • Absorbs Impact – with heavy duty steel designed framework and our impact bars that are manufactured with our absorbent, 40-durometer rubber that can really take the shock of large material.
  • Modular Designed – cradles can be manufactured in 2′ (600mm), 3’ (900mm), 4′ (1200mm) or 5′ (1500mm) long, depending upon the size of your material impact area.
  • Available in Either – standard duty (1,000 ft/lbs) or mine duty (2,000 ft/lbs) of impact.



Available in these Impact Bars:


Impact Cradle Chart

Energy Calculation Chart

Read the Impact Beds case study on our blog “ASGCO Conveyor Impact Beds Provide Spillage Solutions for a Coal Preparation Plant.”