Arrowhead Ceramic Conveyor Pulley Lagging


Corrects Belt Slippage And Premature Wear

Arrowhead ceramic pulley lagging provides the solution when conventional rubber lagging fails to correct belt slippage and wears prematurely. Our unique Arrowhead ceramic is designed for the highest drive factors unlike the conventional square tiles.

  • MSHA approved for mine use – meets all requirements for flame resistant solid products taken into mines. Acceptance Marking No. MSHA IC -174/2
  • Increase Productivity – by delivering increased traction between the conveyor belt and pulley, allows for lower belt tension than with rubber lagging.
  • Improved Conveyor Belt Tracking – due to the Arrowhead patterns self-cleaning ability, which reduces material build up and thereby eliminates the major source of conveyor belt misalignment.
  • Bonding Strength – that is superior to others, due to 3mm of our neoprene compound vulcanized into bottom-side of the lagging.
  • Superior Wear – ability in abrasive or highly wet or dry applications as seen in below ground and above ground mining.
  • Easy Installation – can be done in place, on plant site, at your local distributor or at the pulley manufacturer. Each strip is 10” (250mm) wide x pulley face (see chart).
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Newly Improved Ceramic Tile
  • High grade aluminum oxide ceramic
  • Tile fully enclosed by rubber
  • Rounded corners allow for better adhesion between the rubber and the tile

Only product providing diagonal grooves on ceramic tile lagging for self-cleaning


Accurate pre-buffed surfaces for better wear and grip properties


Precision Molded – Abrasion Resistant


Designed Specifically For High Wear, High Tension, Contaminated and/or Wet Operating Environments