Safe-Guard® Return Idler Cage


Safe-Guard® Return Idler Cage

The Safe-Guard® Return Idler Cage was designed to catch the return roller applications from falling, preventing injuries to workers and to equipment. The Safe-Guard® Return Idler Cage is a cost effective, long lasting solution to your conveyor guarding needs.

 Design Feature

Durable powder coated A-36 steel. Will notSG_Cage_2_web
corrode, or wear from abrasion.

Easy installation, removal and maintenance using
beam clamps, links, and adjustable chains.

Cage protects workers and equipment from falling
ilder if it breaks away from the brackets.

Stable cage has increased slot sizes, helps prevent
material buildup.

Available in various sizes to fit most belt conveyors,
4”-7” diameter idlers.

No welding required.


Return Idler Cage Chart SG_Cage_3_web


Return Idler Cage -Large Chart   SG_Cage_4_web


The Safe-Guard® Return Idler Cage is designed to restrict contact with the return idler while the conveyor is running. Installation of this guard does not supersede any other safety procedures of safety practices. Failure to observe all instructions could result in serious injury. It is the owner’s responsibility that the owner and each operator read and be familiar with the ASGCO® Installation Guide.


It is the owner’s responsibility to adjust the Safe-Guard® restricting all contact with the turning idler.

Complies with MSHA Title 30

MSHA accepted # IC-174/3
56.14110  Flying or falling material
56.14112  Guard Construction
56.14107  Moving machine parts
75.1722  Mechanical equipment guards
77.400  Mechanical equipment guards

Complies with OSHA requirements 1910.219

Mechanical power – transmission apparatus
56.14107 for moving machine parts