ASGCO Safe-Guard Conveyor Return Idler Cage


ASGCO Safe-Guard Conveyor Return Idler Cage
Catches the return idler if it falls!

The ASGCO Safe-Guard Return Idler Cage was designed to catch the return roller applications from falling, preventing injuries to workers and to equipment. The Safe-Guard Idler Cage is a cost effective, long lasting solution to your conveyor guarding needs.

  • Prevents Idlers from Falling – and injuring workers or equipment.
  • Easy to Install and Remove – for fast installation and belt maintenance using beam clamp, links and adjustable chain.
  • Complies with MSHA Title 30:
    • MSHA accepted # IC-174/3
    • 56.14110 (Flying or falling material)
    • 56.14112 (Guard Construction)
    • 56.14107 (Moving machine parts)
    • 75.1722 (Mechanical equipment guards)
    • 77.400 (Mechanical equipment guards)
  • Meets OSHA Requirements 1910.219 – for mechanical power – transmission apparatus and 56.14107 for moving machine parts.
  • Durable Powder Coated A-36 Steel Cage – helps prevent injuries from falling idlers onto unsuspecting workers or equipment. Open slots prevent material build-up on the conveyor belt.
  • Available in Various Sizes – to fit most belt conveyors, 4″ – 7″ diameter rolls.
  • No Welding Required.

The ASGCO Safe-Guard Conveyor Return Idler Cage is recommended for any location over 7ft. where a failed idler could fall on workers or equipment, walkways, roads, etc.


Prevent Injuries
Available in all standard conveyor belt widths.

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Return Idler Cage Chart
SG Return Idler Cage Chart