Armorite® Skirtboard Conveyor Wear Liners


Protecting Your Skirtboard Improves Wear Life

ASGCO Armorite® Skirt Wear Liners protect your skirtboard and provide a significantly longer wear life.

Feature & Benefits

Reduces conveyor downtime  and maintenance costs.

Designed to be rotated  180º for long wear life.

Custom designs  to meet customer requirements.

High impact resistance  The skirt wear liner is produced
from 20mm thick Armorite® that is enhanced with a
10mm thick mild steel producing a product that is 700 BHN
with a high impact resistance.

For all conveyors and transfer points – where the
eradication of spillage or centralization of load is required.

White Iron   Modified AS2027 15/3 Cr Mo

Durable  Vacuumed brazed and liquid nitrogen cooled
to achieve a high strength joint

Mild steel backing   offers strength, machinability,
and impact resistance

Application  Can be welded in place, through-bolted,
stud bolted, drilled, tapped, keyed. 

ASGCO Armorite®Armorite-Cross-Section_4

ASGCO Armorite® is a combination of high chromium and molybdenum white iron metallurgically bonded to a mild steel plate. Armorite® provides maximum protection in high wear areas, with the mild steel backing cushioning the white iron enabling it to withstand impact. Armorite® is easily weldable to areas of the conveyor system with minimal preparation providing unsurpassed resistance to abrasive bulk material wear.


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