Lubrication Systems



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Industrial preventive maintenance utilizing automated systems is the way of the future – for safe, effective and long-term cost-savings turn to Perma® automatic lubrication systems. You will get the best technical solution for every lubrication point and gain more time for other important tasks.

The smallest malfunction, even if it only affects one component of the equipment, can cause machine breakdowns resulting in high repair costs. Production down times that are caused by incorrect lubrication can be prevented with automatic Perma® lubrication systems. Our products also prevent contamination caused by dust, moisture and others by hermetically sealing lubrication points.

A constant renewal of the lubricating film ensures equipment availability. Perma® products deliver reliable,
clean and precise lubrication around the clock

Perma® lubrication Systems benefits

Prevents up to 55 % of roller bearing failures
Reduces costs by up to 25 %
Reduces the risk of accidents by up to 90 %
Certified environmental management system
  Permanent, easy to maintain, long-term lubrication of highest quality
  Long-term cost reduction through higher operating efficiency
  Significantly improved job safety by reducing manual work demands
  Largest product range of single and multi-point lubrication systems
  Superior technical support and advice from a competent partner

Belt Conveyor Lubrication Points

Belt conveyors are one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in all kinds of industries. For smooth process flows it is essential that they operate efficiently with maximum availability.
To prevent equipment failures, conveyors need optimal lubrication despite extreme operating conditions like dirt, dust and strong vibration. Unscheduled downtimes, costly repairs and emergency service calls make up a significant share of the operating costs.

Perma® lubrication Systems benefits
  • Machined Drum Pulleys
  • Single Point Lubrication Systems – Electrochemical Classic, Futura, Flex and Nova
  • Single Point Lubrication Systems – Electromechanical Star Varo, Star Control Time & Star Control Impulse
  • Multi-point Lubrication Systems – Electromechanical Pro MP-6,
    Pro C MP-6 & ECOSYS
  • Lubrication solution uniquely for belt Conveyors, Electric Motors,
    Pumps & Fans/Blowers