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At ASGCO® we develop productive, cost effective and technologically advanced
products specifically for the bulk material handling industries to optimize
conveyor performance. Our products ensure that your conveyor systems will run
more efficiently, providing a rapid return on investment. From belt cleaners,
conveyor idlers, wear liners, conveyor safety equipment and load zone support,
ASGCO®’s Manufactured Products are engineered to provide the best results
as well as ease of installation and to optimize overall conveyor performance.

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ASGCO Belt Cleaners

Skalper 800x637_web
Skalper® Belt Cleaner Superior primary belt cleaning system for every application
Razor Back Belt Cleaner
Razor-Back™ Belt Cleaner The Razor-Back features tough self-adjusting, replaceable tungsten carbide blades.
RB Retractable_Featured Image
Retractable Razor-Back System™ The Retractable Razor-Back® System can be accessed and removed from outside the chute without breaking the plane of the conveyor.
Super Skalper 800x637_web
Super-Skalper® Belt Cleaner The Super-Skalper® tackles the toughest bulk material handling jobs.
Razor-Back MDX Belt Cleaner
Razor-Back MDX™ Belt Cleaner Designed for maximum tonnage mining systems running in aggressive environments.
Skalper MDX® Belt Cleaner Built for high speed and high tonnage conveyor systems used for mining.
TORO Reversing Belt Cleaner
TORO™ Reversing Belt Cleaner An effective, flexible solution that is also suitable for reversing conveyor belts.
E-Z Skalper® Belt Cleaner Provides effective carry-back removal in the toughest environments.
Wash Box_feature image_web
Wash Box™ Belt Cleaning System The Wash Box is steel enclosed and equipped with rollers for better cleaning.
Skalper III® Belt Cleaner Skalper blade design with the simple and accurate Force-1 tensioner.
Chevron Conveyor Belt Cleaner
Chevron™ Belt Cleaner Chevron uses the speed and force of the belt rolling over our patented rubber disks.
Mini-Skalper w-E-Z Torque _Blade Wear Indicator-web
Mini-Skalper® Belt Cleaner Designed for small diameter pulleys where space and size is a factor.
V-Plow XD™ A Heavy Duty Plow built for belt cleaning in the toughest mining environments.
Excalibur® Food Grade Conveyor Belt Cleaner Configured to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements of the food industry.
Hinged V-Plow™ Engineered to effectively keep bulk material becoming trapped within the conveyor.
Reversible Diagonal Plow
Reversible Diagonal Plow Built with a rugged steel structure to hold up in the toughest mining environments.
Replacement Blades Primary Belt Cleaner replacement blades.
Dry Wipe Belt Cleaner
Dry Wipe™ Belt Cleaner The Dry Wipe Belt Cleaner works hard in tough underground and above ground mining environments.
ASGCO Vibra Clean Belt Cleaner
Vibra-Clean Conveyor Belt Cleaner Very effective when used on flexible sidewall style conveyor belts.
Vibrating Dribble Chute
Vibrating Dribble Chute Prevents buildup in conveyor dribble chutes.
Richwood Replacement Blade_feature image_web
Replacement Blade Assembly for Richwood™ Cleaners Retrofits the Richwood™ 1C or 3C Belt Cleaner!
Secondary Mounting Bracket
Secondary Mounting Bracket Versatile, adjustable, powder coated steel brackets and plates that can be mounted on the conveyor structure.

ASGCO Transfer Point Design

With revolutionary transfer point design technology, ASGCO makes transfer point problems a thing of the past. Providing unsurpassed conveyor and material handling knowledge, engineering capabilities and complete turn-key installation services.

ASGCO Conveyor Idlers

The Tru-Trainer conveyor belt tracker employs a unique and highly effective tracking action, which is non-damaging to the belt and reacts immediately if the conveyor belt begins to drift off center.

ASGCO Conveyor Skirting & Dust Control

Standard Double Clamp-Mount®
Standard Double Clamp-Mount® Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System Help eliminate spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer point with clamp-mount.
Clamp-Mount MDX™
Clamp-Mount MDX™ (Mine Duty) Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System Installs easily and stops spillage and dust in the conveyor transfer point.
Single Handle Clamp-Mount
Single Handle Clamp-Mount Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System Reduces downtime with simple clamp adjustment in the conveyor load zone.
Tri-Seal Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compounds If dust is an issue, tri-seal offers exceptional sealing in mining, pulp and paper applications.
Dura-Seal (ORG) Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compound Dura-Seal is the toughest and most cut resistant material available for skirt-board sealing.
SX3 skirtboard rubber
SX3™ Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compound Triple sealing system that provides three sealing surfaces to prevent dust and fine spillage.
B&R Dura-Seal
B&R Dura-Seal Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compounds For optimum sealing and minimum wear on the conveyor belt, engineered for harsh environments.
Multi-Seal Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Compounds The multiple sealing action is adjustable, reversible for the full life of the conveyor skirting material.
Dura-Tuff™ Urethane Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing Dura-Tuff™ Urethane Conveyor Skirting is a made of an extremely tough 62 Durometer polyurethane skirting that lasts an average of 3-5 times longer than rubber skirting equivalents.
E-Z Mount®
E-Z Mount® Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System Provides an effective solution by preventing dust and material from escaping the conveyor load zone.
Dust Curtains
Conveyor Dust Control Curtains Reduce dust throughout the conveyor transfer point with our dust control curtains.
Tail Box
Conveyor Chute Tail Box Effectively seal at the back of the loading zone to prevent material rollback within the conveyor.
External Skirtboard/Wear Liner System
External Skirtboard/Wear Liner System An economical upgrade that protects and improves the conveyor skirtboards and sealing system.
ADS™ Fog Dust Collection System Dry fog dust collection systems utilize the natural principal of agglomeration of like-sized water and dust particles to collect and return airborne dust to its source.

ASGCO Conveyor Wear Liners

Wear Liners are designed to be an integral part of any bulk handling conveyor system.

Armorite® Skirtboard Conveyor Wear Liners
Armorite® Skirtboard Conveyor Wear Liners Protect your skirtboard and significantly improve wear life with Armorite liners.
Armorite® Smooth Conveyor Wear Plates
Armorite® Smooth Conveyor Wear Plates Provide extreme abrasion resistance across a range of industrial mining applications.
Armorite® Grizzly Screen Cap Conveyor Wear Bars
Armorite® Grizzly Screen Cap Conveyor Wear Bars Ideal for aggregates and coal, Wear Bars remove fines upstream and spread bulk material evenly.
Armorite® Chocky Conveyor Wear Bars
Armorite® Chocky Conveyor Wear Bars An excellent alternative to expensive, hard facing welding methods, available in 5 sizes.
Armorite® Conveyor Wear Buttons
Armorite® Conveyor Wear Buttons Ideal for smaller areas within the conveyor system, requiring wear resistant material.
Armorite® Star Conveyor Wear Plate
Armorite® Star Conveyor Wear Plate A cost effective, long wearing alternative to standard sheets and AR wear plates.
Armorite™ Knife Edge & Shredder Tips
Armorite™ Conveyor Wear Knife Edge & Shredder Tips Specifically designated for the sugar and recycling industries.
Nitronic SX SS Plate
Nitronic SX Stainless Steel Wear Plate
X-Wear™ (AR) Internal Liners
Armorite (AR) Internal Skirtboard Liners Protect your skirtboard and extend the life and effectiveness of your sealing compound.
X-Wear™ Ceramic
X-Wear™ Ceramic Wear Liners X-WEAR's smooth laminar surface provides optimum sliding for bulk material handling.
X-Wear Mine Duty
X-Wear® Mine Duty Ceramic Conveyor Wear Liners Built with extremely hard ceramics that provide unsurpassed resistance to abrasive wear.
Canoe Skirt Liner
X-Wear® Ceramic Canoe Skirt Liners Effective for sealing inside the skirtboard and controls the material until it becomes stable.
ASGCO® Urethane Classifier Shoes
ASGCO® Urethane Classifier Shoes Special wear resistant urethane material at the outer edge of the shoe to extend the wear life of the shoe.
Urethane Hydrocyclone
Urethane Hydrocyclone Liners For classifying and separating particles in a liquid suspension based on density.
Urethane Sheets & Linings
Urethane Sheets and Linings Exceptionally abrasion resistant polyurethane to solve bulk transport related wear issues.

ASGCO ACT™ Conveyor Training

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