E-Z Skalper® Belt Cleaner


Effective Carry-back Removal In The Toughest Environments

The E-Z Skalper® conveyor belt pre-cleaner provides effective carry-back removal in the toughest environments. The patented blade is designed to remove high volumes of material and carry back from the conveyor belt for for optimal conveyor performance.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Performance – of our patented E-Z Skalper® Blade design is available in a 1-piece blade or segmented blades that can be changed for the optimum in blade coverage across the conveyor belt’s material carry path for better cleaning efficiency.
  • Advanced Composites – using ASGCO®’s experience with urethane composites, we provide belt cleaner blades that can handle the toughest mining environments; Aggregate, Cement, Coal, Gypsum, Potash, Pulp and Paper and Coal industries.
  • E-Z Torque® Tensioner – (lifetime warranty) made of stainless steel allows the belt cleaning blades to self adjust and is the most robust and accurate belt cleaner / tensioner in the industry.
  • Also available with Force-1 Tensioner

Maximum Belt Speed – 1000 fpm (5.0 m/sec)
Pulley Diameter – 16″ – 36″ (400 – 900mm)
Applications – Cement, Wood Processing, Recycling, Hard Rock Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Aggregate and Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining


Determine Critical “N’ Dimension

Part Numbers-N Dimension Chart - rev9-14


E-Z Skalper® Blade with E-Z Torque®

E-Z Skalper Tensioner-Blade - rev9-14


E-Z Skalper® System also available with these Blades

E-Z Skalper Blades - rev9-14


E-Z Skalper® Part Numbers

EZ-Skalper EZ Torque_PN and RB Chart