Excalibur® Food Grade Conveyor Belt Cleaner


The Excalibur® Is A Novel Belt Cleaning System

Uses a unique blade, holder and tensioning mechanism. Excalibur® is particularly suited for light duty thermoplastic belts with widths from several inches to 10’. Excalibur® is designed and configured to meet the most stringent sanitary requirements of the food manufacturing industry and uses USFDA, USDA and BISSC approved materials. In fact, no other belt cleaner offers these crucial operational features, saving customers money while assuring safe, high quality manufacturing.


Features & Benefits

  • Works great on flexible modular plastic table top conveyor belting
  • Sanitary and safe lightweight
  • Features a unique blade, holder and tensioning mechanism
  • Snap-on/off conveyor belt scraper blade
  • Many belt cleaning blade materials available
  • Complete disassembly in seconds
  • Precision tension selection with torsion spring tensioner
  • 300 Series Electro-polished stainless steel
  • BISSC certified design
  • FDA/USDA compliant materials
  • Primary and secondary conveyor belt cleaner mounting locations

Torsion Spring Tensioner



Excalibur® Snap-On Blades:

Excalibur Blades-rev