Super-Skalper® Belt Cleaner


Tackle The Toughest Bulk Material Handling Applications

The Super-Skalper® conveyor belt pre-cleaner can tackle the toughest bulk material handling applications.  The massive blade provides carry-back removal for high-speed belts, large head pulleys and large sizes and volumes of material, typically found in below and above ground mining.


Features & Benefits

  • Extremely Rugged Heavy-Duty frame and massive blade can handle any extreme carryback, bulk material handling applications on conveyors used in underground and aboveground mining.
  • Super-Skalper® Blade – (MSHA 1C95/1) is a massive 10” (250mm) high blade and is designed to maintain an effective cleaning edge throughout the life of the belt cleaner blade.
  • Quick-Change Blade – stainless steel pin blade change-out system is a one-minute, no-tool operation.
  • E-Z Torque® Tensioner has a lifetime warranty and is made of stainless steel allows the blades to self adjust and is the most robust and accurate conveyor belt cleaner tensioner in the industry.
  • Redesigned Brackets – provide a square bolt pattern with UHMW Bushings on both sides for smooth non-binding tensioning.
  • Dual E-Z Torque® Tensioners – are standard for belt widths 48” (1200mm) and above.
  • Optional Ceramic (XC) blade available for high speed tonnage conveyor systems.

Maximum Belt Speed – 1200 fpm (6.0 m/sec)
Pulley Diameter – 20″ + (400mm+)
Applications – Underground Mining, Hard Rock Mining, Metals (copper/gold) Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Bulk Shipping Terminals, Coal Fired Power Plants, Coal Preparation Plants


Determine the Critical “N’ Dimension

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Super-Skalper® Part Numbers

Super Skalper Charts and Blades


Super-Skalper®  Blade with E-Z Torque®

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Super-Skalper® System also available with these blades:

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