Buffalo Wire Works has been the premier manufacturer of aggregate and mining screens since the 1860s. Our extensive knowledge as a supplier to the crushed stone, sand, gravel, coal, slag, mining, and sizing-dependent industries ensures that all of your screening needs will be met. Either on the phone or in the field, the Buffalo Wire Works staff ensures cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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Wire Cloth
  • GATOR WIRE – A superior long lasting high tensile, high strength
  • Gator, high carbon, stainless and other alloys


Clean Weave
  • Designed for more accurate sizing and blinding solutions
  • Combination of straight and crimped wires rotated flat
  • Offered in stainless steel and gator


CleanDeck Synthetics
  • Urethane and rubber products
  • Modular panels, tension mats, classifier shoes, chute liners, sheet stock and more


Buffalo Harp
  • Re-Engineered hook for fast and easy installation
  • Molded polyurethane to prevent steel-on-steel wear
clean-pfx-tnClean PFX
  • Anti-pegging and blinding
  • Increased productivity
  • Designed to meet your applications
  • Offered in gator and stainless steel

Hard Core
  • Available in all grades, including AR200-AR500
  • Uniform through hardness
  • Lowers total cost per ton
  • Miscellaneous Wear Plates
clean-slot-tnClean Slot
  • Unique self-cleaning screen promotes lively product action
  • Slotted screen arranged with straight and crimped wires

Slotted Screens
  • Enhanced open area allows more effective screening of bulky, wet and sticky material
  • More efficient uniform flow in blinding conditions
clean-tru-tnClean Thru
  • Prevents plugging while keeping material in specification
  • Square opening design combining straight and crimped wires

  • Full range of high quality accessories: tension rails, bolts, pins, wedges, channel rubber, classifier shoes, miscellaneous wear plates
  • Many items in stock for fast delivery