Razor-Back™ Belt Cleaner


Mechanical Splices? No Problem.

The Razor-Back belt cleaner features tough self-adjusting replaceable tungsten carbide blades (non-carbide also available) for extremely effective conveyor belt cleaning.


Features & Benefits

  • Longwearing Abrasion Resistant – tungsten carbide blades provides and maintains a great cleaning edge against the conveyor belt.
  • Impact Absorbing Tension Cushions – tension each individual blade to the belt for a controlled and effective conveyor belt cleaning across the entire width of the belt.
  • Compact Design – allows for an installation that requires less then 9” of clearance to be installed and maintained.

Mechanical Splices? No Problem. The Razor-Back can be installed on conveyor belts with mechanical splices, due to the laid-back wiping blade angle and impact-absorbing tensioning cushions, allowing the mechanical splices to pass without damaging the belt cleaner or the splice.

Available with these blade tips:


Maximum Belt Speed – 1000 fpm (5.0 m/sec)
Applications – Coal Fired Power Plants, Hard Rock Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Aggregate and Mineral (Phosphate, Potash, Salt) Mining.



  • Eliminates material buildup
  • Resilient blade support absorbs severest shock in toughest application of underground mining
  • Blades move independently to maintain contact
  • Durable, 3-1/2” thick square tubing for extreme environments
  • Universal mounting for easy installation
  • Heavy duty Tungsten Carbide or Hd400 blades available
  • MDX carbide blade system is 3 times heavier than any other in the industry

Part Numbers



Available with these tensioners:



Razor-Back Belt Cleaner with Spray Bar

razor-back-conveyor-belt-cleaner-w-spraybarRazor-Back with Spray Bar is a secondary belt cleaner that uses a row of spray nozzles to spray a fine sharp stream of water at a 30 degree angle onto the conveyor belt where the carry-back material is difficult to remove. Water is applied to the belt in an overlapping spray pattern which places the particles into a fluid suspension, while moistening the belt. The blades of the Razor-Back with Spray Bar are then able to make consistent contact with the conveyor belt surface to remove nearly 98% or more of bulk material coarse carry-back.



Will lubricate the conveyor belt/cleaners interface and require much lighter tensioning.

Fully adjustable sprays are built into the cleaner enabling installation in the tightest of spaces.

Performance is improved by a minimum of 75% over similar dry systems and maintenance is reduced because of the lubricating action of the water.

Fine atomized water from the galvanized spray bar nozzles mixes with any dust generated within the chute, causing the dust to fall from the atmosphere.

Spray nozzle sizes can be customized for any desired spray pattern and water pressure.

Stainless steel construction including tungsten carbide tip holder, cushion plates and fasteners.

Tungsten carbide replaceable tips provide long service life with a high level of resistance to impact damage and/or acid leaching.



High speed and tonnage above ground and underground mining conveyor systems running in the most aggressive environments

Concentrator / Ball / Mill conveyors where water is available.

As the secondary belt cleaner on a single direction conveyor where high levels of performance are demanded.

Where the material to be removed is particularly sticky.