Razor-Back MDX™ Belt Cleaner


Designed For High Speed & Maximum Tonnage

The Razor-Back MDX is a secondary belt cleaner designed for high speed and maximum tonnage mining systems running in the most aggressive underground and surface mining environments. The heavy-duty, replaceable, carbide-tipped blades effectively clean the conveyor belt with our dual action tensioning systems to maintain even pressure across the entire belt surface.


Features & Benefits

  • Complete Cleaning – with our combination of belt cleaning blades specific for your application and dual tensioning action from our Spring-Shoc or Air-Shoc tensioner along with the impact absorbing rubber tensioning cushions and conveyor mounting system.
  • Quick-Change – slide-out mounting system allows for simple removal of the cartridge from either side of the conveyor system, without having to break the plane of the conveyor structure, or having to remove mounting brackets or the main mounting tube.
  • Designed – for the toughest of mining environments and conditions including underground and surface coal, hard rock, power plant and load-out facilities.
  • Compatible and Safe – for mechanically or vulcanized spliced conveyor belts and it slide-out blade cartridge allows for improved safety by avoiding workers having to crawl into confined chute areas or underneath conveyor structures.

Available with these tensioners:



Heavy Duty Mounting Tube

  • Rubber Impact Cushion
  • UHMW Slides
  • Also available with Air-Shoc Tensioner

Available in these blade tips:



Razor-Back MDX Part Numbers

RZB MDX Chart-vtips


Replacement Part Numbers

RZB MDX Chart_rev