Environmental, health and safety (EHS) is paramount. We believe that EHS is a key indicator of organizational excellence and sustainability of our business and that production, quality and EHS are among the most important goals in manufacturing. A strong EHS culture results in increased productivity, quality of equipment and services, significant employee morale and, ultimately, greater revenues.

Safety starts from the top with every officer of the company deeply committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace. Employees are empowered to report, correct or improve work place safety and receive extensive training to recognize hazards in the workplace. We believe that a safe and healthy environment is every employees responsibility, that is why we give all employees the tools to help create that environment. Our goal is an injury free workplace.


Employee Training

Training all of our employees is an ongoing process. Safety Meetings are held on a regular basis and training seminars are held monthly. We have an in house, National Safety Council Instructor, an OSHA certified trainer, and a full time Risk Manager. Hands on training is used to keep all of our employees up to date on better ways to accomplish the job in a safe manner, awareness of OSHA/MSHA regulations, and new equipment to create a safer and healthier environment. With training, each employee becomes involved in accident and near miss investigations. The goal is to discover the root cause of the incident and put actions in place to eliminate that hazard.


Safety Communications

Our company has extensive resources to communicate with all employees. These include, a employee website, a quarterly safety newsletter, many paycheck stuffers, on-site tailboard talks, along with a variety of other means to communicate the elements of our safety program. An active Safety Committee member is in each department of the company.