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The Heavy Duty Skalper MDX


Allentown, PA – October 23, 2010: ASGCO announces the Skalper MDX, their newest entry into the heavy duty mining industry. The ASGCO Skalper MDX pre-cleaner is designed for high speed and high tonnage conveyor systems in above and underground mining.

The Skalper MDX heavy-duty urethane blades are made to withstand the most abusive mining conditions. Mounted against the head pulley they provide continuous, efficient cleaning. The adjustable 6” blade segments are easily replaced by removing just 2 bolts for quick change and maintenance.

The most unique feature on the Skalper MDX is the torque cam action lever. The impact force creates torque that rotates the blade allowing it to self-adjust to the angle of the belt, ideal for removing high volumes of carry-back with minimal blade wear. This also permits the mounting tube to rotate and absorb the shock which prevents the mounting tube from bending.

The ASGCO Air Shoc tensioner automatically adjusts the blades to the belt while maintaining optimal blade tension throughout the life of the blade. No need for re-adjustment. Air bag support and rubber bushings mounted in the hub absorb the shock from mechanical fasteners allowing the blade to glide over the splice without damage.

All of these features combine to create a mine tough design that will stand up to the most demanding applications. Guaranteed mine tough!


Skalper MDX Conveyor Belt Cleaner

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