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Worldwide Leader in Bulk Handling Innovation Launches New Website


ASGCO® Unveils New Website To Further Enhance Customer Experience. Worldwide operators of bulk handling facilities will be glad to know there is one supplier never content on settling for an ordinary experience for their customers. (more…)

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Conveyor Training School Services Expanded


Even the most innovative products in the industry need proper installation to function properly. That was the driving idea behind ASGCO’s conveyor training school (ACT™). ASGCO® Manufacturing, the worldwide leader in providing the most effective products for bulk ...

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Get Maximum Conveyor Belt Clamping Power with New Sure Grip™ Belt Clamps from ASGCO®


The newest addition in ASGCO’s® line of Safe-Guard conveyor safety products. The patented Sure Grip™ Belt Clamps were created for maximum grip! Sure Grip™ offers exceptional belt clamping for all types of conveyor belt maintenance in a variety of ...

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ASGCO® Expands Tru-Trainer® Conveyor Belt Tracking Idler Range!


The Tru-Trainer series of conveyor belt tracking idlers are a patented design that offers the most reliable and re-active belt tracking idlers available today. Its stainless steel internal pivot that is perpendicular to the plane of the belt and its ...

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ASGCO® Announces Our New Improved Impact Cradle Beds!


Protect your conveyor belts from impact damage. ASGCO®’s Impact Cradle Beds are (patent pending) designed to provide protection to your conveyor belt from impact damage from large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts or bucket teeth can put a ...

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New External Skirtboard/Wear Liners


Allentown PA – September 26, 2012: ASGCO®’s External Skirtboard/ Wear Liners are an effective and economical upgrade that protects and improves the conveyor skirtboards and sealing system. These are mounted on the outside of skirtboard allowing for ease ...

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New Super Skalper® XC™ Blades for Primary Belt Cleaners


Allentown, PA – September 10, 2012: The Super-Skalper XC™ primary conveyor belt cleaning system can tackle the toughest carry-back applications. The massive blade provides carry-back removal for high-speed belts, large head pulleys and large sizes and volumes of material, typically ...

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Improved Conveyor Inspection Program


ASGCO announces improvements to their conveyor inspection program. This program was created to access capabilities of existing conveyor systems by gathering conveyor components data, and formulating solutions to streamline and maximize present operations. This program also prevents high-priced repairs and ...

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Gillette, Wyoming Facility Becomes Master Distributor for CCI Conveyor Pulleys


Allentown PA – December 8, 2011: We are pleased to announce our Gillette, Wyoming facility is now a master distributor for CCI Conveyor Pulleys. CCI, a Division of Martin Sprocket and Gear, incorporates manufacturing and sales facilities worldwide. Similar to ...

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Presents the New Safe-Guard Return Idler Cage


Allentown, PA – December 16, 2011: ASGCO has long recognized the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace. The ASGCO SAFE-GUARD RETURN IDLER CAGE is our latest innovative product to protect your workers and provide a cost effective, durable solution ...

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