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Razor-Back with Spray Bar Secondary Belt Cleaner


Allentown, PA – June 27, 2007: Building on our goal to provide solutions to your conveyor belt problems, ASGCO Manufacturing introduces Razor-Back with Spray Bar, a secondary belt cleaner that uses a row of spray nozzles to spray a fine sharp stream of water at a 30 degree angle onto the conveyor belt where the carryback material is difficult to remove. Water is applied to the belt in an overlapping spray pattern which places the particles into a fluid suspension, while moistening the belt. The blades of the Razorback with Spray Bar are then able to make consistent contact with the belt surface to remove nearly 98% or more of the coarse carry-back.


  • Will lubricate the belt/cleaners interface and require much lighter tensioning.
  • Fully adjustable sprays are built into the cleaner enabling installation in the tightest of spaces.
  • Performance is improved by a minimum of 75% over similar dry systems and maintenance is reduced because of the lubricating action of the water.
  • Fine atomized water from the galvanized spray bar nozzles mixes with any dust generated within the chute, causing the dust to fall from the atmosphere.
  • Spray nozzle sizes can be customized for any desired spray pattern and water pressure.
  • Stainless steel construction including tungsten carbide tip holder, cushion plates and fasteners.
  • Tungsten carbide replaceable tips provide long service life with a high level of resistance to impact damage and/or acid leaching.


  • High speed and tonnage above ground and underground mining conveyor systems running in the most aggressive environments
  • Concentrator / Ball / Mill conveyors where water is available.
  • As the secondary cleaner on a single direction conveyor where high levels of performance are demanded.
  • Where the material to be removed is particularly sticky.




Contact ASGCO today for more information on Razor-Back with Spray Bar at 1-800-344-4000.