Employee Benefits

Your financial benefits with ASGCO® extend beyond your paycheck. We provide a wide range of benefits to give you and your family protection and peace of mind.

The aim of the ASGCO® Benefits Programs is to provide a broad foundation upon which you as Team Member can build in providing for your needs as well as for the well-being of your family. These programs are often re-examined and compared with those of other organizations within the industry. Over the years, it has been substantially improved and enlarged to meet the needs of our Team Members.


ASGCO® is committed to the overall health and well-being of its employees and families. A healthy workforce results in a more productive work environment, less absenteeism, fewer accidents, lower health care demands and greater overall savings by reducing the occurrence of disease and disability. ASGCO® employees’ families are encouraged to participate in challenges and disease screenings to help identify and reduce health risks before serious health problems occur or allow better management of existing conditions.

ASGCO® supports its commitment with a comprehensive group health plan, onsite Wellness Center which provides employees screenings, coaching and counseling to help identify and manage health issues and illnesses and to assist employees and their family members in changes which will reduce their health and injury risks, improve their health consumer skills and enhance their individual quality of life and well-being.


    Smoke-Free Environment

To maintain a safe and comfortable working environment and ensure compliance with applicable laws, smoking in the company’s offices, facilities and property is prohibited.




ASGCO® offers a very generous vacation and holiday package. In most cases, it exceeds the industry by one week. Based on length of service, you earn up to four weeks of vacation. ASGCO® provides 7 paid holidays: ½ day New Years’ Eve, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, ½ day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


    Financial Programs – 401K Plan

ASGCO’s professionally managed 401K plan allows an employee to set aside up to 25 percent of his/her pre-tax income as savings for retirement. The plan offers a number of investment choices for these savings, from fixed rate of return investments to more speculative growth funds. ASGCO® matches up to 25% of the first 6% the employee contributes.


    Health Insurance

ASGCO® offers a comprehensive group health insurance plan which includes medical, dental and vision coverage, along with a prescription program. Our plan covers most medically necessary procedures, ASGCO® pays 50 percent in-network and preventative dental and vision at 100 percent. The employee co-payments and deductibles are very reasonable and competitive. An employee is eligible for the group health insurance after 90 days of employment.


    Life Insurance

ASGCO® provides company sponsored life insurance for all employees. The amount of coverage is based on the employee’s annual salary. Employees may voluntarily purchase additional term life insurance.



    Short Term / Long Term Disability

ASGCO® provided company sponsored short term disability insurance for all employees. The amount of coverage is 60 percent of your pay on your 8th day on until your return to work duty.



    Service Awards

ASGCO® considers that it is important to acknowledge and reward it’s long serving employees. Therefore, those employees who have completed 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service with ASGCO®, with no break in service, will be entitled to receive a gift card as an award in recognition of their commitment and loyalty to the organization. This service award is applicable to all employees regardless of role employment status.


  Company Parties

Company parties are hosted a couple of times a year, which helps bolster moral and encourage employees to socialize outside of the work environment. Children and spouses are invited to most of the parties furthering our family-based culture.