Objective: Provide reliable rollers, better alternative to inadequate rollers that fail consistently.

Challenge: The demanding conditions of heavy tonnage and high speeds would wear out the
previous metal rollers too quickly. The high speed of 23 ft per second per second (7 meters)
and a tonnage capacity of 8000 tons per hour, caused the rollers to fail and fall apart, mainly
due to the rubber ring design. Specifically the problem was the high belt speeds that would
spin the rubber discs on the old rollers resulting in failure. Also the uneven wear was causing
the rollers to spin unevenly and then to overheat the rollers causing failures. The quality
required for this application needed to be extremely durable and wear resistant.

Recommendations: We recommended the Dura-Sleeve® idlers with patented replacement
sleeves for extra long wear. The compound provides higher wearability than the standard rubber
discs in abrasive environments and with little or no build-up.

Dura Sleeve_Before and After

Results: The customer was experimenting with different rollers because of the demanding conditions,
The introduction and installation of the ASGCO® Dura-Sleeve® V-Return Idler proved to
be extremely reliable.

ASGCO® Dura-Sleeve Return IdlersNew-Smooth-Dura-Sleeve

Patented Design – of our idler sleeve clamping system
utilizes you to replace worn out rubber or other urethane
disc return idlers.

Abrasion Resistant Urethane – compounds provide wear
ability that exceeds 5 times the wear life of standard rubber
disc return idlers.

Meets all CEMA Standards – and available in any
conveyor belt width and inside and outside roller diameter.

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