Objective: To remove the sticky carry-back from the conveyor belt.

Challenge: Co-mingled materials traveling together along the conveyor to a sorting facility
would constantly leave behind sticky deposits that would accumulate, requiring costly
downtime and maintenance, especially on the return idlers and belt.

ASGCO Razor-Back Removes Sticky Carry-Back from Recycling Plant Conveyors - JSr

Solution: After surveying the conveyor system ASGCO® recommended installing a Razor-Back® secondary belt
cleaning system.  The Razor-Back® system can be installed typically were the conveyor belt leaves the head pulley
on the return side of the conveyor belt.  Due to the advanced design of the independent carbide blades on
this system, the sticky residue was removed from the return side of the system before it could come in contact with
the return idlers. This system virtually eliminated the carry-back problem and greatly reduced both maintenance
costs and downtime.

Results: As illustrated in the photos above, it’s clear that the material residue is being effectively removed from
the belt, and diminishing the possibility of fouling return idlers. The customer was so thoroughly impressed
with the performance of the Razor-Back® secondary system that they will soon be adding additional systems to
their plant.

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