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ASGCO® Engineering Design, Point Cloud Scanning Technology, Chute Fabrication, Syntron Feeders and Product Installation Provide Complete Turnkey Service at This Eastern Coal Fired Power Plant.


Objective: The older existing feeder was clogging and not producing enough product flow to supply the operation. The objective was to restore and control the material flow from an above ground surge to the underground conveyor belt that feeds the...

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ASGCO® Integrates Point Cloud Scanning Technology Into ASGCO® Conveyor Safety Product Installation at A Mid-West Coal Fired Power Plant.


Objective: Provide plant workers safety in the work place by the means of installing conveyor safe guard equipment. Although the plant does not fall under either MSHA or OSHA requirements, it strives for “best practice” that meets both regulations and...

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ASGCO® One Sided Slide-ler™ Solves Load Zone Maintenance Problem at Coal Plant.


Objective: To provide load zone support, stability, and reliability in the transfer point with limited access and to be able to service the impact rollers in the future quickly, easily, and with minimal effort. Challenge: The challenge was to be able to...

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ASGCO®’s Safe-Guard® Return Roll Changer Allows Idler Change Out in a Fraction of the Time and Under the Most Difficult Environments!


Objective: To Reduce Down Time When Changing Out the Return Rollers While Also Creating a Safer Working Environment Challenge: The only way to change the return idlers on this 72” incline conveyor enclosed in a tube, was to crawl under the conveyor...

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ASGCO® Eliminates Belt Tracking Issues with Low Profile Tru-Trainer®


Objective: Eliminate belt tracking issues that are resulting in major belt damage and spillage from contact with steel conveyor supports. Challenge: For many years this conveyor had a hydraulic three return Idler belt training system that wouldn’t properly keep the conveyor belt...

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ASGCO® Helps Northeastern US Coal Burning Power Station Improve Material Flow and Reduce Maintenance Costs


Objective: To improve material flow and reduce dust spillage and maintenance issues Challenge: Constant abrasion from high moisture bituminous coal was causing serious wear and plugging on flow chutes at a major Northeastern US coal burning power station. ASGCO® 3-DEM®...

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ASGCO® Safe-Guard™ Conveyor Return Idler Cages Solve Safety Issues at this Coal Mining Facility


Objective: Address safety concerns for unsuspecting employees, as well as, visitors in close proximity to the overland conveyors. The measures were also put in place to bring the conveyors in compliance with MSHA and OSHA standards in regards of proper...

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ASGCO® – Tru-Trainer® Belt Tracking Idler Solves Tracking Problem on FGD Scrubbing Conveyor


The customer is a larger coal burning power plant that has had FGD Scrubber Conveyors in service for many years to help control the plants emissions. The product that is being conveyed is a synthetic gypsum product that is either...

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ASGCO® Impact Bed Cradle Solves Aging Spillage Problem at Eastern Bituminous Coal Mine


The #1 refuse belt on the ground level is spilling badly and impact rollers cannot keep up with the seven load zones where the material is being dumped. A 28’ span needs to be supported and sealed in a manner...

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