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ASGCO® Tru-Trainer® Dual Return Urethane Idlers Save the Day at this Copper Mine.


Objective: To track and align the conveyor belt on the return side of the belt before the loop take-up section, while leaving the 6 series deflector pulley system with double speed reducers. Challenge: The challenge involved an extreme incline conveyor...

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ASGCO® Tru-Trainer® Tapered Troughing System Eliminates Belt Tracking Issues at This South American Copper Mine.


Objective: To prevent belt tracking issues before the critical curved areas of the belt, causing belt damage. Challenge: The challenge was to track a horizontally curved, overland primary crusher belt before it gets to a critical mis-tracking stage and eventually damages...

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ASGCO® Dura-Sleeve® V-Return Idlers Solve Belt Tracking Problems at This High Tonnage South American Copper Mine.


Objective: Provide reliable rollers, better alternative to inadequate rollers that fail consistently. Challenge: The demanding conditions of heavy tonnage and high speeds would wear out the previous metal rollers too quickly. The high speed of 23 ft per second per second...

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ASGCO®’s Retractable Razor-Back MDX® System with Spring-Shoc Solves Critical Carry-back Problem at Copper Mine


Objective: To prevent carry-back on a conveyor belt with long service hours, while decreasing housekeeping and efficiency issues. Challenge: This copper mining facility needed to remove the residual carry-back material from the primary belt cleaner to run more efficiently and to reduce downtime. They...

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ASGCO® Helps Copper Processing Port Facility to Improve Material Flow and Reduce Maintenance Costs


Objective: To improve the effectiveness, durability and overall cleaning of their belt cleaning system. Challenge: Constant exposure to salt moisture, copper concentrate and high humidity in a marine shipping terminal cause standard steel components on many belt cleaning systems to decompose...

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ASGCO® – Troughing Tru-Trainer® Conveyor Belt Tracking System Solves Belt Tracking Problems at this Copper Mill Process Facility


This copper mill facility was processing crushed ore the consistency of sand. They were using conventional guide roller trackers that kept failing. Due to the design of the guide rollers they continually came in contact with the belt’s edge which...

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ASGCO – Fourthane Provides Solution for Repairs of Conveyor Belt Covers and Mechanical Fasteners


ASGCO Fourthane®. A new synthetic rubber with high tear and impact resistance, is formulated to be applied on conveyor systems that operate under high impact and abrasion conditions, resulting in less downtime. (more…)

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ASGCO Return Roll Changers Provide Safety for Conveyor Maintenance Crews


At this copper mining operation, the return idlers that track the belt on the conveyor system were very hard to access. The only way to change the idlers on this 36” wide conveyor belt, was to clear out all of...

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Copper Mine Solves High Wear Areas with Armorite™ Conveyor Wear Liners


A copper mine was experiencing high wear in their “pant-leg” chute liners. A combination of abrasive material and high tonnages was the major factor why the mine was only about to get 4-5 weeks from 1” thick AR500 plates. (more…)

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