Change Rolls Without Removing Adjacent Idlers

ASGCO Slide-ler™ give you the ability to change rolls under the conveyor loading skirt area without having to remove adjacent belt idlers. This allows the Slide-ler™ to fit into tight or confined spaces, ensuring proper belt rolling support and ease of change out.



ASGCO® Slide-ler™’  is a modular designed product that allows you to remove the
wing and center roll hangers for easy replacement of your idler rolls. It can also
be designed to hold any manufacturer roll in the industry. The Slide-Ler™ minimizes
down time and can be accessed from both sides of the conveyor system.

Feature & Benefits

Perfect for Confined Spaces – due to the frames only take-up
8” (200mm) of width when using 6” (150mm) rollers.

Improves Safety – and maintenance by allowing rollers to be easily
removed without having to remove any of the belt idler frames.

Meets all CEMA Standards – and available in any belt width,
troughing angle or idler.

Idler Rolls –  we can provide CEMA C, D or E steel or impact rolls.

Slide-Ler™ (One-Sided) – Also available.


Slide-Ler™ (One-Sided)Slide-Ler - One-Sided_Part Number Chart_web

ASGCO® Slide-Ler™ (One-Sided) is a patented product designed to be maintained
from one side of the conveyor system. This is ideal for systems with access on one
side only, where a conveyor is located against the wall or high in the air with catwalk
on one side. This allows you to replace rolls with minimal downtime and
eliminate the need for man lifts or having to work in a confined space.

Diagram ComponentsSlide-Ler - diagram_web
  1. Center Slide
  2. Roller Retainer
  3. Frame
  4. Wing
  5. Steel Roll