Syntron® Heavy-Duty Vibrating Feeders

Syntron® Vibrating Feeders for heavy industry are ideal for feeding a wide variety of bulk materials from storage piles, hoppers, bins and silos. Rugged and dependable, Syntron® heavy-duty feeders are backed by years of service with proven performance in the mining, aggregates, glass, cement, chemical, wood products and steel industries.


Electromagnectic Feeders

Syntron® Heavy-Duty Electromagnetic
are the most recognized name
in the industry. With models having
capacities ranging from 25 to 1,600 tons
per hour, these feeders are capable of
handling a variety of materials from fine
powder to large, coarse particles.

Performance Feeder Feature

Dust-tight and maintenance-free drive units: Feeders have no mechanical parts
  to wear out, such as cams, eccentrics, belts and bearings – thus eliminating
  the need 
for lubrication.
Stroke generated by electromagnetic field produced by coil.
High Frequency: 3600 VPM at 60 Hz or 50 Hz with EVF Control for maximum
  feed rate.
Stroke – .080 inches: New “HP” units operate at .080″ at 3600 VPM to provide
  40% more output than traditional units at .060″


Syntron® syntron-hd-electromechanical-feeder
Electromechanical Feeders

The High Capacity Performers

Syntron® MF Heavy-Duty Electromechanical
Feeders are the heavy-weights of bulk
material handling and are used for higher
capacity requirements. The ten heavy-duty
models handle capacities from 600 to
4,000 tons per hour.*

Syntron® Heavy-Duty Electromechanical Feeders combine extra structural strength with durable components. The deep wing plates form a bridge between inlet and discharge suspension supports, providing extra strength for years of dependable service.

Feeder Feature

Operating frequency – 1100 VPM at 55.4 Hz
Stroke: 0.25 – 0.30 inches
Start and operate fully loaded or empty
Dependable, flexible, easily adjustable
Minimal component design to reduce adjustments and
  replacements due to wear loaded or empty