Impact Cradle Bed


Eliminate Spillage In The Load Zone

ASGCO®’s Impact Cradle Beds are (Patent Pending) designed to provide protection to your conveyor belt from impact damage from large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts or bucket teeth that can put a stop to operations.

Features & BenefitsImpact Cradle Bed_Drawing with Premium Impact Bar_web

Improved Impact Cradles – no pinch point or idler junction
area utilizing our 17.5° bars for 35° idler systems; 10° degree
bars for 20° idler systems and 22.5°degree bars for
45° idler systems.

Absorbs Impact – with heavy duty steel designed framework
and our impact bars that are manufactured with our absorbent,
40-durometer rubber that can really take the shock of
large material.

Modular Designed – cradles can be manufactured in
2′ (600mm), 4′ (1200mm) or 5′ (1500mm) long, depending
upon the size of your material impact area.

Available in – standard duty (1,000 ft/lbs), mine duty (1,5000 ft/lbs)
mine duty HD (3,000ft/lbs) of impact.



Impact Cradle Bed Drawing_Replacement Part Chart_web


Impact Cradle Bed chart


Impact Cradle Bed Part Number Chart 2_web

Impact Energy Calculation ChartImpact Bed_Quarry Duty_Energy Calculation Chart_web

How to spec the correct impact bed for
your conveyor transfer point

Impact Energy
  • Lump Weight (w)  ______
  • Drop Height (h) x  ______
  • Total = lb-ft  __________