Roller Cassette Conveyor Belt Impact Bed & Slider


Incorporate The Advantage Of Sealing

Roller Cassettes incorporate the advantages of slider and impact bars for sealing, while maintaining constant rolling support for the conveyor belt in the load zone.

Features and BenefitsRoller Cassettes_Part Number Chart

Load Supported – by having up to 4 sets of troughing idlers (12 rolls)
in an area that you would normally only have 2 (6 rolls).

  • 9 or 12 idler sets are available
  • 28” wide frame, using 6” (150mm) diameter rolls
  • Rolls can be spaced on 5” (125mm) to 7” (175mm) centers based on
    the roll diameter

Custom Designed – to suit your particular application.

  • Impact, Steel, or Ceramic rollers are available
  • Stainless, Galvanized or Steel frames are available

Meets All CEMA Standards – and available in any belt width, or troughing angle.

  • Eliminate spillage by reducing the conveyor belt deflector between rollers
  • Wing rollers can be raised and lowered and center rollers can slide out from either side
  • Designed for easy wash out
  • Rollers can be spaced on 5″ to 7″ centers based on roll diameter
  • Standard steel, impact or ceramic rollers are available
  • Wings are fabricated to match any troughing angle

Roller Cassettes_Dimension_web

Roller Cassettes_Dimension Chart_web