WorldWide Electric Corp

WorldWide provides customers with the best products, competitive prices and superior customer service.
WorldWide Electric stocks its own industry leading brand of products and is also the exclusive domestic distribution arm of Hyundai Heavy Industries – low voltage motors and drives. The combination of Hyundai and WorldWide creates one of the most complete lines of motors, speed reducers, controls and drives available in the marketplace.

Rigid Base MotorsRigid Base Motor
  • 1-250 HP – 3600, 1800
    and 1200 RPM
  • Single voltage, 460 volt
  • TEFC enclosure, Rigid base
  • Dual rated service factor 1.15
    for 40°C / 1.0 for 65°C
  • Class F insulation with Class N varnish
  • Full compliance with IEEE-841, version 2009
  • Meets or exceeds EISA 2007 requirements
    defined in NEMA MG-1 table 12-12
  • Parker Hannifan ProTech IP66 labyrinth seals on
    both drive-end and opposite drive-end bearings
  • CSA Certified for Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D
  • Inverter duty, 10:1 CT / 1000:1 VT
  • Class B temperature rise
Rock Crusher MotorsRock Crusher Motors

Advanced Design Rock Crusher Motors

  • 100 HP – 600 HP; 1800 and 1200 RPM
  • 208-230/460 volt (100-200 HP)
    460 volt (250-600 HP)
  • TEFC enclosure
  • 1.15 SF
  • Class F insulation
  • Rigid base
  • Premium efficiency (100-200 HP)
  • EISA-Compliant – high efficiency
    (250-600 HP)
  • Inverter ready, 4:1 CT / 10:1 VT (100-200 HP)
  • Suitable for 50 hz operation with 1.0 SF (100-150 HP)

Advanced Design Heavy Duty Soft Starts:

  • Three wire in, three wire out installation
  • Service Entrance Rated
  • Integral bypass contactors are standard
    on all sizes
  • Over current capacity: 500% for 60 seconds
  • Real-time thermal modeling and dynamic
    thermal register continuously calculates motor
    operating temperature even when your motor
    is not running
  • Phase loss protection based on current and voltage
  • Separate across the line overload protection
  • Load loss trip (under current) with trip delay
  • Pre-start checks for shorted load prior to each start
  • Two programmable overload trip curves allow for the
    thermal capacity required to start the load while
    providing more closely matched overload protection
    during the run time
  • PTC thermistor input for use on motors with
    embedded PTC temperature sensors
  • Current imbalance trip and biasing of the thermal register