Replacement Blades


Primary Belt Cleaner Replacement Blades For Your Conveyor

ASGCO® offers replacement belt cleaner blades for belt cleaning systems from many other manufacturers. Color-coded urethanes match performance to conditions.

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Features and Benefits
  • Effectively eliminate material carryback, reducing loss
    of material and clean up chores.
  • Fewer blade changes, less maintenance downtime.
  • Best price per performance of ANY blades in the market.
  • Blades offered for the full line of ASGCO® belt cleaners,
    plus retrofit-replacements for many other manufacturers’ / OEM models.
  • Quality blades backed up with our “Total Satisfaction” Guarantee.


ASGCO® Belt Cleaner Urethane Selection

ASGCO® is the leader in the development of high-performance urethanes for specialized belt cleaner/belt scraper
applications. These color-coded urethane blades can be supplied for any ASGCO® primary cleaner, as well as any
primary cleaner supplied by many other manufacturers. All of our blades are backed up with our
“Total Satisfaction Guarantee”.

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Color-coded urethane blades are available to match performance to conditions.

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Blade AngleSkalper_Blade Angle_web

A flat pulley surface side of the blade ensures a
sharp point of contact and material clearance.
ASGCO®’s patented Skalper® Blade design
maintains an effective cleaning edge throughout
the life of the blade with its unique horizontal
sipes/wear-grooves across the entire width of
the blade cleaning edge and by the use of the
arc-shaped back side of the blade to ensure
a sharp cleaning edge.