Skalper MDX® Belt Cleaner


Guaranteed Mine Tough!

The Skalper MDX® conveyor belt pre-cleaner is designed for high speed and high tonnage conveyor systems in above ground and underground mining. The heavy-duty urethane blade mounts against the head pulley for efficient conveyor belt cleaning, and our unique torque cam action lever adjusts itself to remove high volumes of carry-back while minimizing blade wear and wear from mechanical fasteners.

Features and Benefits

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Extremely Rugged – Heavy-Duty structural steel, 3/8″ x 3″ dia-
meter square mounting frame with a massive 14″ abrasion resistant
urethane blade segments individually adjust to the imperfections
in the conveyor belt cover.

Impact Torque Cam Action – offset mounting tube allows the
blade to angle up and into the belt to remove carry-back and as
mechanical splices come by the belt cleaner the offset cam allows
the mounting tube and blades to move downward away from
the belt, therefore improving the life of the belt cleaner blades
while not damaging/bending the mounting tubes.

Spring-Shoc™ or Air-Shoc™ – (both are Stainless Steel) dual-
tensioning systems are available depending on your bulk material
handling application to provide consistent self-adjusting pressure
for optimal tension against the conveyor belt.

Optional – Ceramic (XC) blade available for high speed tonnage
conveyor systems.


Skalper MDX® Torque Cam Mechanism
  • Impact forces create a torque, rotating the blade away from
    the head pulley to prevent the mounting tube from bending.
  • Torque cam action lever allows the blade to angle into the
    belt to get rid of carry-back and prevents damage from
    material impact or mechanical splices.
  • Adjustable 6” blade segments provide coverage where it is
    needed most, on the belt’s material path, minimizing
    blade wear.
  • Blades are quickly replaced with new ones by removing just
    2 bolts per blade segment.
Blade Angle

A flat pulley surface side of the blade
ensures a sharp point contact and
material clearance.

  • More Aggressive
  • Self-Sharpening
  • Less Abrasion Between Blade and Belt
  • Less Chance of Blade Feathering
Available Blades






Product Specifications
  • Maximum Belt Speed – 1200 fpm (6.0 m/sec)
  • Pulley Diameter – 24″ + (600mm+)
  • Applications – Underground Mining, Hard Rock Mining, Oil Sands Mining,
    Metals (copper/gold) Mining, Steel Mills, Iron Ore, Bulk Shipping Terminals

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