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Vibrating Screens deliver unmatched precision performance – dependable production
even under adverse operating conditions, or when handling the most abrasive
material types.

Rubber screens are used for the separation of Sand, Gravel, Granite, Quartzite,
Limestone, Coal And much more…

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Standard or Custom Screens

ASGCO® offers standard screening systems
as well as custom-designed screens to fit
all makes of screening equipment, giving you a cost-effective solution.

Drawings, parts and measurements are given to our experienced professionals in order to create custom designed screens or replace existing screens.

Steel-Backed Screen
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These screens are designed with a steel frame
to reinforce the rubber screen for medium
impact/high wear applications.


  • Full steel backing can support heavier
    loads even as the panel wears thin
  • Openings in the steel backing allows
    near size particles to either be knocked
    through or out of the opening by
    overriding coarse materials, thereby
    preventing plugging and increasing
  • Superior wear life and efficiency
Perforated PlatesPerforated Plates Sample_web

ASGCO®’s perforated plates, also known as
punch plate, are an essential part of many
applications. Perforated plates are manufactured
from plate steel and contain holes varying in
size and shapes, depending on the application.


  • High impact strength and long wear resistance
  • Profile Shapes include but are not limited
    to round, square, rectangular, hexagon/
    diamond and slotted.
  • Plates can be fabricated from mild steel to
    AR 400 up to 3/4” thick and up to 5’ x 10’
    in size.
Modular ScreenModular Screen_web

Modular screens are blended with a high grade
natural rubber and vulcanized for long life
against wear. Many styles are available to fit
your screening application. (1′ x 1′ through
1′ x 4′ panels).


  • Modular screens are easy to install and
    move around the deck to maximize
    wear life.
  • Lab tested rubber compound gives long
    life and protection against impact, cut,
    tear and abrasion.
  • Customization is available to maximize
    the products effectiveness.
Screen Apertures

Screens have molded tapered apertures, providing you the best technology available
on the market today. Round, square, slotted and custom-designed apertures, in a
wide variety of sizes, are used to solve screening problems such as blinding, pegging
and wear life.

Molded openings are typically tapered by 3 to 7 degrees (per side) to reduce
plugging potential.

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Rubber Screen Rubber Screen_web

High resistance, available in many thickness
measurements, bridge wideness and opening
placements depending on the rubber screens
usage and requirements.


  • Extended wear life in dry applications
  • High impact resistance
  • Toughness – rubber will absorb and
    bounce back from high impacts that
    would break AR plate or comparable
Urethane Screen Urethane Screen_web

Offers long life in both wet and dry applications.


  • Superior abrasion and wear resistance
  • Excellent toughness and tear resistance
  • Resilient and tapered openings helps
    reduce plugging and blinding
  • Light weight and easy change out
Urethane Screen Feed Box Liners and
Side Wear Liners

Our urethane wear products are cast from our exclusive ASGCO-thane™ polyurethane compound with a durometer of 80/85, along with steel backing plate for extra added support.


  • Superior abrasion and wear resistant high-grade polyurethane compounds last longer and offer superior abrasion, cut, and tear resistance when compared to rubber.
  • Higher load-bearing capacity for better compression set, and superior tolerance to greases, oils, oxygen, and ozone.
  • Biodegradable urethane can be easily formulated to outlast rubber and stand up to sunlight and harsh outdoor environments.
  • Multiple steel options; full boxed or steel backed. Stud or plug weld.

Screen Fasteners Options

Uniquely designed pins, bolts and snap-on’s are included with the screen for easy installment and removal.

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Accessories for the Aggregate, Mining & Industrial Markets

Our comprehensive line of accessories are priced right to help
customers maintain their budget and keep operations
running smoothly.


Tension Rails

The right tension rail will ensure proper tensioning
and installation of your screens which will prolong
your screen’s media efficiency and life. An
adequate tension tail matches the exact length
of your screen and ensembles perfectly with
your screen’s hook.


Urethane Bucker Backer Bar Channel

Also referred to as buffer strip, bucker-up strip,
buffer channel and crown bar channel. Lasts 5
times longer than conventional rubber.


Spray Deflector

To Improve screen efficiency and material washing
performance, install ASGCO® Urethane Spray
Deflectors on screen spray bars. ASGCO®
Urethane Spray Deflectors are developed for long
service life in high wear applications.


Spray Bar Shield

The ASGCO® Spray Bar Shield easily attaches to
your current spray bar to deflect spray and divert it.
Designed for screening and crushing applications.
ASGCO® Spray Bar Shields are molded with 70A
durometer high performance urethane. Fastening
hardware included.

Samscreen Replacement Screens & Wear Parts for Screening

Samscreen offers replacement screens and wear parts for a wide variety of screening applications. Our replacement screens and wear parts are created for virtually any screening application, and for the industry’s most popular screening machines, so if you need a replacement screen, chances are, Samscreen either has it in stock or can manufacture it to your specifications.

Samscreen is pleased to offer a wide variety of replacement screens and products to fit your needs:
  • Piano Wire ScreensImage result for samscreen industry application images
  • Harp Wire Screens
  • Shape Wire Screens
  • KleenSkreen Finger Deck
  • End Tension Screen Decks
  • Woven Wire Screens
  • Perforated Plate & Punch Plate
  • Grizzly Finger Deck Screen