Replacement Blade Assembly for Richwood™ Cleaners


Retrofits the Richwood™ 1C or 3C Belt Cleaner!

The ASGCO® Replacement Blade Assembly has been created to retrofit your existing Richwood™ 1C or 3C Belt Cleaner system, without forcing you to replace your entire belt cleaner system.

Features and Benefits

Retrofit worn Richwood™ 1 C and 3C Systems – with high performance
ASGCO urethane blades without replacing the entire belt cleaning system.

Made of a Proprietary Urethane Compound – the ASGCO® Replacement
Blades are abrasion resistant – out performing OEM blades in cleaning
and durability!

The ASGCO® Replacement Blades Work Seamlessly within
Existing Richwood™ Belt Cleaner Frames
– replace only the worn
blade component!

Rugged Frame – made of powder coated mild steel.


Replacement BladeRichwood Urethane Replacement Blade

The ASGCO® Replacement Blades can be purchased with and without
the frame; you purchase only the component you need!

ASGCO®’s Replacement Blades are made from a proprietary urethane
compound that is highly abrasion resistant and incredibly durable.
This new cleaner blade is resistant to harsh environmental factors,
requiring fewer change outs and less downtime. Both straight or arrow
blade styles are available and must be specified at the time of order.