Vibra-Clean Conveyor Belt Cleaner


Effective On Flexible Sidewall Style Conveyor Belts

The ASGCO® Vibra-Clean secondary belt cleaner is designed to work on the return side or “clean” side of the conveyor belt. It is mainly used on flexible sidewall or chevron style conveyor belts. It consists of a set of rollers with bearings, rotating on a main shaft at approximately 600 RPM. Mounted behind the head pulley on the conveyor, these rollers make slight contact with the belt causing the material to loosed and fall away from the belt.


Features & Benefits

  • Dual Rollers – set with bearings cause rotating vibration effect verses a “scrub” effect, which wears out the bottom cover of the conveyor belt, found from most other beater bar cleaners.
  • Four Roller – Vibra-Clean belt cleaner is designed for conveyor belts 42” and over, providing effective load support and superior cleaning.
  • Universal Mounting – and drive package, including motor and V-belt drive is available.

Vibra-Clean Belt Cleaner For Flexible Sidewall Conveyors