Truck Liners

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Haul Truck Bed Liners– custom manufactured liners to fit the particular truck
in need (25tons – 400tons). We have the flexibility to line flat, sloped, and curved
truck boxes, meeting the unique size and geometry of each style of bed.

All individual trucks are measured and then the liners are uniquely manufactured
so there is no cumbersome field cutting and fitting. Installations are made to
be quick, easy and safe. Many options can be incorporated to achieve the maximum
results such as ceramics in the high-wear areas, Patent Pending Light Liner,
various liner thicknesses, side wall liners and more.

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Line heated and non-heated beds, offer
extreme abrasion resistance and reducing
metal fatigue and stress fractures, while
increasing driver comfort and reducing
noise. The easy-to-install liner system is
cost-effective and maintenance-free
compared to steel liners, increasing
equipment availability.


  • Maximized availability and productivity
    of your trucks
  • Increased wear life reduces cost
    for maintenance and service
  • High wear resistance reduces
    damages to the truck
  • Modular system – panels can
    be replaced individually for easy
    handling and installation
  • Improved working environment
    with reduced noise and vibration –
    the driver can feel and hear the