Nitronic SX Stainless Steel Wear Plate


Nitronic SX Stainless Steel Wear Plate

Nitronic SX Stainless Steel is a nitrogen-strengthened stainless steel developed for applications requiring good level corrosion resistance and durability.  The high work-hardening rate Nitronic SX stainless steel results in a high-strength material with superior abrasion resistance and elongation superior to Type 304L.


Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Wet and Dry Abrasion Resistance
  • Work Hardened Properties
  • Good Resistance to Corrosion

Abrasion / Wear Resistance

The below tables and figures demonstrate the outstanding corrosive wear resistance of Nitronic SX under
different sliding conditions.

Metal to Metal Wear Chart_1
*    Self-mated crossed cylinders, 16lbs (71 N), 10,000 or 40,000 cycles, unlubricated, in air, room temperature, corrected for density differences.
**  Relative wear rate for comparison for alloys and not for design purposes.

Metal to Metal Wear Chart_2
*   Test Conditions: Laboratory ball mill, 0.64 m/s, room temperature, Five 16-hour periods, pH 6.7, 2 liters of coal mine effluent,
0.2 liters pea gravel – 6.4mm + 3.2mm, duplicate sheets.

Metal to Metal Wear Chart_3