X-Wear™ Ceramic Wear Liners


Optimum Sliding For Bulk Material Handling

ASGCO X-Wear™ Ceramic Conveyor Wear Liners will substantially reduce your operating costs when compared to any other lining material.

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  • Material Flow – The smooth laminar surface of X-Wear™ Ceramic
    provides the optimum sliding surface for material handling.
  • Custom – The remarkable structural integrity of X-Wear™ Ceramic
    makes it ideal for direct retrofitting of worn out chutes and hoppers
    without expensive repairs.
  • Noise Reduction – X-Wear™Ceramic’s energy absorbing
    design dramatically reduces noise.
  • 1/4” Steel Backing – suitable for stud welding or plug welding.
  • ½”, 3/4”, 1” 1½”, and 2” ceramic available.

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X-Wear™ Ceramic Wear Liner

Custom Sizes available at customer request.X-Wear - Ceramic1_web