We are committed to operating our facilities in an environmentally responsible manner. Many of our products support sustainability initiatives, including the production of renewable fuels and waste to energy. ASGCO® values its role as a leader in conveyor systems that are used to improve energy efficiency.

Our passion for conserving natural resources is not limited to our business practices. ASGCO® employees proudly support various environmental and wildlife conservation efforts through financial contributions and volunteerism to civic initiatives that focus on restoration and rehabilitation of adversely impacted environments.

We strongly believe in operating a business that is not only self-sustaining but also focuses on environmental sustainability to benefit future generations with the following measures:

  1. Promote the responsible use of resources to save on fossil fuel and energy consumption.
  2. Aim to reduce water consumption at all facilities and preserve water quality.
  3. Ensure that all facilities and equipment are operated to minimize
    environmental impact.
  4. Minimize the generation of hazardous and other wastes.
  5. Maximize reuse and recycle of materials.
  6. Take action on energy conservation and efficiency, both in operations and the supply chain, while designing products that contribute to the production of renewable fuels and other resources.
  7. Engage all employees by encouraging active involvement in environmental cleanup initiatives.