ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” believes that human resources are the singular most important asset to any corporation and has created a culture of safety for all employees.
All personnel are trained and equipped to perform their duties in the healthiest and most efficient way possible, utilizing procedures and safety equipment that minimize their exposure to hazards and ensuring that all measures are taken to protect all employees, vendors, and clients.

  1. ASGCO® assures that all facilities and equipment are designed, operated and maintained to their highest efficiency to minimize health and hazard exposure to its employees, in particular by using best practices when installing equipment or products.
  2. ASGCO® performs company wide assessments and occupational medical evaluations to monitor its employee’s exposure and also to anticipate any health risks to the employee.
  3. ASGCO® prohibits the purchase and use of any material deemed to cause or potentially cause harm or illness to an employee. In addition, ASGCO® prohibits the use of any material or product deemed to cause or potentially cause damage to the workplace environment or natural resources in the setting which the product is used.
  4. ASGCO® assures all employees, customers, contractors and visitors on premises have adequate safety/response equipment and services for the prompt and effective treatment of illness or injury.
  5. ASGCO® takes responsibility for all manufactured and distributed products by fully disseminating all health and safety information to all distributors and customers.