ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” is committed to a zero incident culture focused on eliminating occupational injuries, incidents and accidents. Management systems have been installed company wide to place redundant safety measures in place at areas of greatest concern in the workplace. ASGCO® strives for the highest level of awareness and preparedness through continuous training programs and safety certifications. ASGCO® employees are educated and equipped to carry out their work in the safest most efficient way known in the industry.

Each individual within the company is responsible for the safety of themselves as well as each of their coworkers they work beside. Properly prepared employees can perform their duties with a much higher degree of efficiency and safety. The following are some key tenets of our Zero Incident culture:

  1. ASGCO® Implements safety programs that are constantly reviewed and improved when needed.
  2. ASGCO® provides facilities and equipment that are designed to minimize risks and continuously monitor safety and security of all personnel.
  3. ASGCO® utilizes appropriate tools for reporting and analyzing any incident as well as implementing corrective actions company wide.
  4. ASGCO® ensures all employees receive regular training and handle themselves with responsibility for the safety of themselves, their fellow employees and any outside visitor.
  5. All ASGCO® service employees receive specialized training from the following organizations: MSHA, OSHA, American Red Cross

The company embraces, “Everyone, every day, at the end of every shift, GOES HOME!