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ASGCO® Matching Funds of Employee Donations for Houston Hurricane Relief


ASGCO® – Complete Conveyor Solutions For Immediate Release December 8, 2017 ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” has announced the results of their month long corporate giving campaign for the Salvation Army and Houston Humane Society.  ASGCO® Employees donated a total of...

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ASGCO® Introduces its VUL-CON™ EZ Series for Vulcanizing Presses


ASGCO® – Complete Conveyor Solutions For Immediate Release October 9th, 2017 ASGCO® Introduces its VUL-CON™ EZ Series for Vulcanizing Presses Allentown, PA.:   ASGCO – “Complete Conveyor Solutions”, a leading manufacturer, distributor, and service provider, is pleased to announce the successful...

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ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” is proud to announce our new Rockville, VA Branch


Dear Valued Customers, ASGCO® is proud and pleased to announce, we have successfully moved into our new distribution and service center in Rockville, Virginia. This full service and stocking branch will be better able to serve you, our customers, by...

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ASGCO’s® Clamp-Mount MDX™ Conveyor Skirtboard Sealing System with Dura-Seal™ (ORG) Skirting…..Stops Spillage and Dust in the Conveyor Transfer Point!


The Clamp-Mount MDX™ mine duty skirting clamp, installs easily and allows for one person to replace or reposition the skirt rubber. This patent pending, stainless steel, clamp system is accessible from outside of the conveyor transfer point, significantly cutting installation...

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ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” is proud to announce our new Marriottsville, MD Branch


(previously located in Baltimore) ASGCO® is proud to announce that it has relocated its’ Maryland office in Baltimore to a larger location in Marriottsville, MD.  This full service and stocking branch will be better able to serve our customers by...

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ASGCO® Engineering’s On-site Point Cloud Laser Scanning Technology Produces Precise, Accurate 3D Models.


ASGCO® Point Cloud Laser Scanner is a powerful high-speed Focus3D X 130 HDR 3D scanner, delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results. The laser technology is more accurate than traditional methods because it looks at thousands of points along the clearance...

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Introducing ASGCO®’s Semi-Ceramic Pulley Lagging


Newly Improved Ceramic Tile Corrects Belt Slippage and Premature Wear. ASGCO® has added a Semi- Ceramic™ Pulley Lagging to their pulley lagging product line, featuring 40% coverage. The addition of this Semi-Ceramic Lagging allows ASGCO® to offer a semi-ceramic product...

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ASGCO® to Exhibit at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017


ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, held in Las Vegas on March 7 – 11, 2017 at booth number 32963 in the Central Hall.  During the show we will also have...

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Introducing ASGCO®’s New State-of-the-art Belt Vulcanizing Equipment Technology


ASGCO® is pleased to introduce VUL-CON™ Vulcanizing Press. ASGCO® VUL-CON™ Vulcanizing Press is light weight, durable and versatile with complete availability of coverage for all splice lengths, fabric ply or steel cord. Our presses are easy to set-up and operate...

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ASGCO®’s Cast Urethane Screen Wear Products. Superior Abrasion Resistance for a Long Wear Life.


The harsh demands of the quarry and aggregate industry can cause serious damage to vibratory screens.  To prevent abusive material and conditions from hindering the productivity of quarry operations, ASGCO® has expanded the use of their Cast Urethane products to...

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ASGCO®’s Super-Skalper HD® The Most Effective Belt Cleaning System for High-Speed, High Volume Conveyors in the Toughest Environments!


High speed belts moving high volumes of material can create unique challenges for conveyor belt cleaning systems.  In addition, many of these conveyors use large head pulleys, further complicating the application of an effective primary belt cleaner.  ASGCO® is proud...

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ASGCO®’s Retractable Razor-Back® System with Split Block Spring-Shoc™ allows for safe access and service from outside the chute!


This innovative patent pending design prevents the dangers of working inside the conveyor or breaking the plane of the conveyor, keeping workers out of harm’s way.  This greatly reduces downtime and eliminates the need for confined space permits. Our engineering...

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ASGCO®’s Safe-Guard Modular Conveyor Flat Guards. Protects workers from moving parts-Quick installation


ASGCO®’s Safe-Guard® Modular Conveyor Flat Guard is a modular, powder coated all-steel guard that can be mounted to the conveyor or surrounding area to serve as a barrier between workers and moving equipment.  This eliminates accidental contact with pinch points...

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Announcing ASGCO®’s Quarry Duty Impact Beds


Protecting Conveyor Belts and Controlling Spillage in the Toughest Environments! The harsh demands of the quarry and aggregate industry can cause serious damage to conveyor systems.  To prevent abusive material and conditions from hindering the productivity of quarry operations, ASGCO®...

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Introducing ASGCO®’s One-Sided Slide-lers. New patent pending design for confined spaces!


Change rolls without removing adjacent idlers!  ASGCO® new patent pending One-Sided Slide-lers™ give you the ability to change idler rolls under the conveyor loading skirt area without having to remove adjacent belt idlers. This allows the One-Sided Slide-ler™ to fit...

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ASGCO® E-Z Torque® Tensioning System for Primary Belt Cleaners. The industry’s best tensioning system just got better!


ASGCO®’s new and improved E-Z Torque® Tensioning System now comes with an integrated blade wear indicator.  The new patented indicator on our E-Z Torque® Tensioners shows the amount of wear on the blade and indicates when its time to replace...

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ASGCO®’s Excalibur® Food Grade Belt Cleaners. Sanitary, Safe, and Lightweight Belt Cleaning Solution from the Worldwide Leader in Belt Cleaning Technology!


The food preparation and handling industry must adhere to some of the most stringent sanitary regulations imaginable.  It’s critical that all aspects of the operation be carried out with the highest regard for cleanliness and compliance to these standards.  ASGCO®...

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ASGCO’s New Dura-Tuff Skirting System. New Urethane Formula for Superior Performance in the Toughest Environments!


In today’s bulk handling industry, dust and material containment is critical to the performance of an optimized conveyor system. Traditional skirting can be an effective solution, but some hard rock materials pose the risk of damaging soft rubber skirting systems,...

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Worldwide Leader in Bulk Handling Innovations Expands Conveyor Training School


ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions”, the worldwide leader in providing the most effective products for bulk material handling, is proud to offer expanded training services for all customers.  ASGCO® Conveyor Training (ACT™) school offers both in-house and on-site training created to...

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ASGCO Introduces a “Complete Conveyor Solution” for Bulk Material Handling – Pro-Zone™ Advanced Containment and Dust Control System


ASGCO® “Complete Conveyor Solutions” now offers the world’s first advanced containment and dust control solution for conveyed bulk material products.  ASGCO®’s Pro-Zone™ is a patent pending modular conveyor belt load-zone system that optimizes the seal for air/dust tightness on the...

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ASGCO®’s Safe-Guard™ Return Roll Changer provide a safe and productive time savings for maintenance crews performing return idler change out.


The patent pending ASGCO Return Roll Changer (US Patent No. 8,387,781) allows you to remove and replace a roller from a single side of the conveyor and/or from whichever side of the catwalk it is located. Universal Mounting – can...

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ASGCO® Announces Their New Sure GripTM Belt Clamps!


The newest addition in ASGCO’s® line of Safe-Guard safety conveyor products. The patented Sure Grip™ Belt Clamps were created for maximum grip! Sure Grip™ offers exceptional belt clamping for all types of conveyor belt maintenance in a variety of working...

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ASGCO® Announces Our New Improved Impact Bed Cradles! Protect your conveyor belts from impact damage.


ASGCO®’s Impact Bed Cradles are (patent pending) designed to provide protection to your conveyor belt from impact damage from large rocks, tramp metal, roof bolts or bucket teeth can put a stop to operations.   Our modular style impact beds provide...

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ASGCO® Announces Our New External Skirtboard/Wear Liners!


Installed and accessible from the outside of the conveyor transfer point means never having to enter the internal (confined space) skirtboard to service internal liners again! ASGCO®‘s External Skirtboard/ Wear Liners are an effective and economical upgrade that protects and...

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ASGCO Presents the New Super-Skalper® XC™ Blades for Primary Belt Cleaners


The Super-Skalper XC™ primary conveyor belt cleaning system can tackle the toughest carry-back applications. The massive blade provides carry-back removal for high-speed belts, large head pulleys and large sizes and volumes of material, typically found in below and above ground...

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ASGCO® Armorite® Wear Liners – Protection for Extreme Conditions!


Armorite® Wear Liners are designed to be an integral part of any bulk handling conveyor system.  ASGCO® manufactures a variety of Armorite® Wear Liners with many options and sizes to choose from, anywhere from smooth to chocky bar style. These...

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ASGCO Expands Tru-Trainer Conveyor Belt Tracking Idler Range!


  The Tru-Trainer series of conveyor belt tracking idlers are a patented design that offers the most reliable and re-active belt tracking idlers available today.  Its stainless steel internal pivot that is perpendicular to the plane of the belt and...

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ASGCO® Safe-Guard® Return Idler Cages- Cost-Effective Solutions for a Safer Work Environment!


One of the most easily preventable conveyor accident sources is a dislodged return idler falling onto an unsuspecting worker.  Misaligned belts often come into contact with return idler brackets, shearing them off and allowing the idler to break free.  In...

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Safely Inspect Your Conveyor Equipment While it is Running with ASGCO CHUTE INSPECTION DOORS


    ASGCO has long recognized the importance of ensuring safety in the workplace. ASGCO’s new Inspection Door allows for safe visual inspection of conveyor equipment while the conveyor is running.      The ASGCO Chute Inspection and Access Doors are a...

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