ASGCO® Conveyor Products Reduce Airborne Dust and Eliminate Spillage at This Mid-West Coal Fired Power Plant.

Challenge: The maintenance personnel at this coal fired power plant complained that the existing
wide open loading chute was causing major spillage of product, tremendous airborne dust and belt
mis-tracking due to off-center loading.  These issues were creating downtime due to clean up
issues and the hazardous working conditions caused by the airborne dust.  The objective was to
reduce the airborne dust and to eliminate spillage at the conveyor load zone.

Solutions: After a complete survey of the conveyor systems, the recommendation was made to install
an ASGCO® Dual Return Tru-Trainer® on the return side of the conveyor to keep the belt centered
around the tail pulley. ASGCO® Impact Cradle Bed and Slide-N-Roll Beds were also recommended
to help seal the skirting. The Conveyor Hoods and Dust Curtains™ were needed to control the large
amounts of dust being dispersed from the open chute.

Results: After the installation of the ASGCO® products, the Maintenance personnel claim that there is
reduced maintenance downtime and improved housekeeping.   The reduced dust in the area, allows the
employees to work safely around the area. The ease of access to maintain the ASGCO® equipment allows
for less maintenance hours in the area and safer working conditions while performing maintenance.