ASGCO® Redesigns New Transfer Chute And Load Zone For Midwest Coal Burning Power Plant

Challenge: This Midwest coal burning power plant was having significant problems with their synthetic gypsum/fly ash conveyor. The conveyor chute was plugging to the point where plant maintenance crews had to manually unclog it and even use a manlift for the higher sections of the chute. The load zone area was having major spillage and dust issues. Material would build up on both sides of the catwalk and on the conveyor deck, causing idlers to lock up and conveyor belt to mis-track into the conveyor structure. Housekeeping was consistently being called to clean up the catwalk and the area below the conveyor.

ASGCO®’s Engineering Department and Field Services performed a complete conveyor survey and had plant personnel describe multiple issues. In addition, a 3D Point Cloud Laser scan of the area was performed. This equipment allowed ASGCO® engineers to create a 3D model of the conveyor chute and load zone area while eliminating the use of field measuring. ASGCO® recommended replacing the conveyor chute and load zone area with redesigned chutes, including UHMW replaceable liners, which would help eliminate the chute plugging. Additionally, ASGCO® supplied a new load zone design with taller skirt walls, UHMW inner seal liners, double handled clamp mount with 8” multi seal skirt rubber, along with an Impact bed and Slide-n-Roll system to support the belt throughout the load-zone. This system removed gaps between the conveyor belt idlers to provide an effective sealing surface for the skirting system.

Following ASGCO®’s improvements, dust emissions along with spillages have greatly decreased and material is passing through the chute without any clogging. Overall, the load zone is operating more efficiently and cleanup costs have significantly decreased.