Designed to help ensure quick, safe and accurate top cover removal!

The battery operated ASGCO® Conveyor Belt Skiver is specially designed to help ensure quick, safe and accurate top cover removal at various depths for installation of recessed splices. Properly skive your conveyor belt for better mechanical fastener holding.

The ASGCO® Conveyor Belt Skiver is battery-operated (18-Volt) with dual-acting tungsten carbide blades that accurately skives the rubber off the surface of the conveyor belt. A skived conveyor belt provides for a stronger and longer conveyor belt splice life and the lower profile helps with belt cleaner performance. The ASGCO® Conveyor Belt Skiver comes as a kit, complete with a battery charger, 2 batteries, and a set of tungsten carbide replacement blades all in a sturdy zippered canvas bag.

Features & Benefits

• Portable and lightweight – complete kit in a sturdy zippered canvas bag
• Battery Operated 18 volts – designed for a lifelong battery operation
• Accurate – top cover removal/recessing for mechanical fastener installation
• 2-blade cutter head – dual edge tungsten carbide blades for added performance and smooth finish


We recommend to set the depth of the ASGCO® Conveyor Belt Skiver to 1/16” and use multiple passes to achieve desire depth.

Part Numbers

ASGCO® Conveyor Belt Skiver

M-ASG-VC-MK10-BS-KT ASGCO Belt Skiver Kit, cordless 18V skiver, carrying bag, 2 batteries and 110V charger, replacement blade set -
ASG-VC-MK10-BS ASGCO Belt Skiver Cordless 18V -
ASG-VC-MK10-BS-RB ASGCO Belt Skiver Replacement Blade Set - 2pk -
ASG-VC-MK10-BC ASGCO Belt Skiver Battery Charger -
ASG-VC-MK10-18V/5.0 ASGCO Belt Skiver Battery 18v/5.0AH -
ASG-UC-MCUB Duffel Bag -
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