Steel Fabrication in Nazareth

ASGCO®’s Steel Fabrication Division team of trained and highly-skilled welders are ready to meet the challenges of your project. Multiple welding stations combined with our experience in a wide variety of metals means ASGCO®’s Steel Fabrication Division can provide you with quality workmanship, on time, the first time.

Steel Fabrication in Nazareth

Steel Fabrication in Nazareth

Here at ASGCO®, we have more than 40 years of experience, expertly handling steel fabrication in Nazareth. You may be looking for help with conveyor repair or replacement. Or, maybe you need some metal parts formed and then powder coated. Either way, our metal fabrication company will get the job done right. Our highly experienced team works with a variety of materials, using industry-grade machines and software. Therefore, we have the tools and talents that are needed for a number of different jobs. We proudly serve customers in the cement, mining, civil structure, and energy industries. Contact our one-stop-shop to find out more about our various steel fabrication services.

  • CAD Design Service

Using the top manufacturing software, our CAD engineers will work with you to develop the exact products that you need. We can even develop a number of different CAD drawings and prototypes and test them out before we move into bulk production. Additionally, we can modify existing products, which will help lower your costs. Instead of starting from scratch, we may be able to make some tweaks to your products that haven’t been performing the way you wanted.

  • Laser Cutting

Working with carbon and stainless steel, we offer quick, cost-effective laser cutting services. Stainless steel is a versatile, strong, and long-lasting material that’s used in all sorts of industries. Keeping up with all the latest updates, ASGCO® can form and fabricate steel to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a large product run or just a prototype, we’ll produce durable components with a customized finish. Our engineers utilize TruTops Nesting and planning software, allowing us to work efficiently, minimizing waste. We can handle the most intricate designs without the need for extra tooling. Even with thin materials, there will be no damage or warping involved with our metal laser cutting.

  • Pipe and Plasma Cutting

With our dedicated team at ASGCO®, our plasma cutting service is done with precision and quick turnaround times. Not as much heat is transferred to the material, so plate warping is eliminated by plasma cutting steel or carbon. Our company will deliver top-quality components on time and on budget. We can handle large orders as well as prototype creation, meeting your exact specifications. We work with CAD and DXF files, and we’ll even work with metal that is up to 1” thick. So, if you could use a hand with prototyping, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you’re thinking, “Who offers pipe cutting near me?” you’ve come to just the right place. We know that pipework needs to be exact. You don’t want to have to deal with any holes or leaks. With a capacity of 13” x 18”, we offer exceptional cutting performance on a variety of materials. Plus, we’ll stay within your budget and test out the products, ensuring their quality.

  • Metal Forming

If you’re wondering how to make a metal piece, contact us today. No matter what equipment you need the metal piece for, we can fabricate just the right design. Even when multiple precise bends are required for a design, our in-house team will handle the metal shaping project professionally. Compared to plastic, metal is a lot stronger and harder, and metal has a high melting point. So, in the long term, you can have peace of mind knowing that your component is built to last.

  • Machining

Your business and livelihood may be relying on small, precise parts working every day in your equipment. Even the tiniest cut in the wrong place can render a machine useless. So, you should turn to a reliable company like ASGCO® that can safely produce components that are suited for even the most challenging jobs. Using the best possible equipment, our CNC services include turning, routing, and milling. Through CNC machining, we can produce the perfect product every single time. Once we set the CNC lathe or the CNC milling machine, it will continue to crank out your products. And if any changes are needed, we can easily reprogram the software to meet your specifications.

  • Welding Services

Whether you’re looking for welding help for a residential or commercial project, you can count on ASGCO®. You may require some fine, exact TIG welding with low distortion or MIG welding for long lines in thicker metal. Whatever kind of metal fabrication in Nazareth, it is that you need, we’re here for you. We can weld stainless steel plates as well as pipes and aluminum. By turning to our professional welders, it can save you a lot of time and effort. We don’t need any pre-made templates and designs because we’ve been expertly handling projects just like yours for years. And, our certified welders who take the proper safety precautions can help keep you out of harm’s way.

  • Powder Coating

Once the metal fabrication is all said and done, you need the right durable finish. That’s where our powder coating service comes in. Providing quick, affordable work — we’ll give you a quality finish that meets your style preferences. Whether you want a red powder coat or a special coating, we’ve got it covered. Plus, we work with powder coated steel, aluminum, components, and galvanized parts. Generally, a powder coating is about twice as thick as regular paint. Even if you’re using the product in a machine that vibrates a lot, the paint job will last. Also powder coating is environmentally safe, and your product will be easy to maintain. You don’t need any special, expensive cleaners or solvents.

No matter what kind of custom metal fabrication service it is that you’re looking for, reach out to our steel fabrication division. We our your local source for steel fabrication in Nazareth. ASGCO®’s fab shop offers a free quote on any upcoming projects and jobs.

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